Les superstars NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green et Stephen Curry, en conférence de presse durant les playoffs 2018

“It’s his last year there, then he will go to the Lakers”



The Lakers are not necessarily the best-equipped franchise for the future, yet NBA stars still dream of settling there. The proof, according to a journalist well known, an All-Star would have already planned to leave his team to join the Purple and Gold.

The years go by, the numbers change, but the Lakers are still one of the favorite destinations for NBA stars. Los Angeles is a city in which it is good to live with money, the sun is always present, and above all the franchise is perhaps the most prestigious in the NBA. Wearing the Purple and Gold jersey is an honor that many want to feel.

And it’s all the more true with the current group, which, on paper at least, is particularly talented. See you soon 38 LeBron James is still going strong, Anthony Davis just proved he’s still a very dominant inside and Russell Westbrook remains a talented player. If the mayonnaise takes with Darvin Ham, why not dream of a new epic in the playoffs?

Draymond Green ready to join the Lakers?!

There would be a big league star who would also consider joining the City of Angels in the coming months. According to Stephen A. Smith, who spoke on the set of his show First Take, Draymond Green would already be ready to leave his Warriors to join LeBron James. After his terrible incident with Jordan Poole, here is a statement that will add fuel to the fire.

I can tell you right now, Draymond Green sees this season as his last at the Warriors. Now he wants to play for the Lakers.

A page is about to turn in Golden State, since according to Stephen A. Smith, who has some sources close to the player, Draymond Green is mentally preparing to leave his franchise forever at the end of the season. He would be determined to join the Lakers and his best friend LeBron James to take on an exciting new challenge.

But to realize this dream and join the most successful team in history, the interior of the Warriors will have to give up on a good sum. Indeed, he has a $27 million player option for next season, and no one will be willing to offer him that much if he declines it. He will therefore have to determine the most important thing in his eyes: feeling good in a new environment or a more substantial salary.

Draymond Green may no longer feel very comfortable at them Warriors, which would explain his behavior with Jordan Poole, then he would be ready to discover another city, another franchise. It remains to be seen whether he will be ready to give up on 27 million dollars…

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