NBA Milwaukee signe Deandre' Bembry

“It’s a mixture of Giannis and Garnett, with the moves of KD”



The NBA welcomes eache year more and more mutants with exceptional physical and technical qualities. And for a specialist, a young NBA interior would be the mix of Giannis and Kevin Garnett, with Kevin Durant-like potential… Just that!

Every year now, the NBA sees the arrival of quite extraordinary profiles that could revolutionize the way basketball is played. Indeed, in the Summer League alone, Chet Holmgren has already established himself as a formidable player, capable of preventing access to the basket by multiplying the counterattacks, while walking on his opponents in attack, with all the more difficult shots. as each other.

And what about Victor Wembanyama, who has made all scouts dream since his debut at Nanterre, thanks to his incredible mobility and his rare skill for a player of 2m20. Some even go so far as to say that he has all the weapons to become the GOAT in the NBA if he reaches his full potential one day, that is to say the expectations surrounding the tricolor pivot one year from his Draft.

Evan Mobley perfect mix of Giannis and Garnett?!

But if these two still have everything to prove at the highest level, there is another young interior who showed himself to his advantage last season: Evan Mobley. Indeed, he allowed the Cavaliers to smile again, and he clearly established himself as a future All-Star. And for his personal trainer Olin Simplis, this is only the beginning, since he would be the perfect combination of two MVPs! He spoke for Sideline Sources :

The next step for Evan is to enter the conversations about the best interiors in the NBA. I see him as the perfect mix of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Garnett. He is able to take the rebounds and move the ball up to put pressure on defenses like Giannis. He is able to martyrize the teams with his back to the basket game like KG. He is lucky to be special in the league.

He has a great talent and I want to be sure that he will develop and perfect all his qualities. This summer I want to bring him a bit of Kevin Durant’s arsenal, especially so that he has one or two signature moves behind the basket. He also has the ability to dribble, like him, it’s just a matter of assimilating and putting into practice what he already knows how to do.

For those who don’t know him, Olin Simplis is not a second-rate coach, since he counts among his “students” stars like Spencer Dinwiddie, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and above all… Kevin Durant. So if he says he can make Evan Mobley a new KD, a mix between Giannis and Kevin Garnett, you have to believe him and expect to see him walk the league!

If Evan Mobley meets the expectations of his personal trainer, he could explode for his second season and allow the Cavaliers to return to the playoffs. The objectives set are particularly high, but it has the potential to meet it.

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