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“It’s a beautiful story, but it’s a big lie”



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Unlike other years, the summer is thrilling in the NBA, with rumors and controversies almost daily, like the ultimatum posed by Kevin Durant to the Nets. Yet, despite these news galore, some journalists do not hesitate to invent dirty lies…

At the height of summer, NBA news is not always very exciting, which pushes the American media to seek stories from left to right. Fortunately this season, the Nets and Lakers are competing creatively for headlines, with on the one hand the ultimatum posed by Kevin Durant to the owner of the franchise, and on the other the file Russell Westbrook, who is still tipped for a departure.

In either case, it’s pretty hard to know what the resolution will be, since Brooklyn executives won’t agree to send No. 7 off against a package that doesn’t live up to their expectations, and the franchises won’t fight. more to accommodate the leader, even if rumors with Kyrie Irving begin to arise again with different journalists.

Ben Simmons hasn’t left the Nets WhatsApp

Despite these thrilling soap operas, some media personalities try to go in search of the scoop and the buzz, this is particularly the case of Ric Bucher, who told a totally crazy story about Ben Simmons and his shameful behavior with his teammates during the playoffs… According to Shams Charania, this whole controversy is entirely false. He set the record straight on Pat McAffee’s show:

This story never happened. Never. From what I’m told, he looks very fit, he’s good on the field… The Nets have huge expectations for him for next season, we’re talking about a three-time All-Star. He should be ready to participate in the training camp in a little over a month. There’s only good news about Ben Simmons, and that story didn’t happen. It’s an incredible story, but it’s a big lie.

No, contrary to what was claimed, Ben Simmons did not leave the Nets WhatsApp group before the decisive Game 4 against the Celtics. On the contrary, the point guard would be in great shape, he would spend time on the field, and the whole franchise would have confidence in him to have a great season. This development of Shams Charania is much more in line with what the Australian leader has been showing since the beginning of the summer.

Since the beginning of the summer, Ben Simmons has shown up at the Summer League to support his teammates, he goes to the Barclays Center for all games at Liberty, another Joe Tsai franchise, so it would have been surprising if he abandon everyone behind the scenes.

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