« C'est la seule chose qui manque à Steph Curry »

“It was not Steph Curry who beat us in the playoffs, it was him”



Exceptional in the last playoffs, Steph Curry won everything with the Warriors. The leader recalled that he was one of the best in the league, and we imagine that he will want to do it again next year. However, for one of the Dubs’ opponents, it was not the star who made the difference, but another player in the squad in the conference final.

The Warriors were successful again last year, after a few years of scarcity. Steph Curry crushed everything in his role as leader, Andrew Wiggins did great things in defense, while Draymond Green always knows how to make the difference on both sides of the floor. All these beautiful people will be back next year to defend their crown, but the competition is already organized within this Western conference.

Steph Curry still forgotten after his performance

The Grizzlies, the Nuggets, the Lakers or the Mavericks and so many others, it will be necessary to be wary of many teams next year. Among those who want to take revenge, we find Memphis, at least given the recent tweet of Ja Morant. But there is also Dallas, with Luka Doncic in better shape than ever. That’s good, Mark Cuban, the owner, returned to the recent confrontation in the conference final.

I think Andrew Wiggins is the one who beat us, and I told him that after the series. We weren’t sure what to expect with him, or how he was going to shine, but he did just that. We knew what to expect with Steph, Klay and Draymond.

Yes, Wiggins has made a big difference in this series with his defense. He was able to score important points in attack, while defending perfectly on Doncic and company.

From there to say that Wiggins is mainly responsible for the defeat of the Mavericks? Probably not. It was again Steph Curry who won the title of MVP of the conference finals, proof of his enormous impact on the floor. Dallas may have known what to expect with the Chief, but that didn’t stop the star from punishing the Texas franchise.

I mean… a little? Steph was the main reason for their loss, that’s why he won the Conference Finals MVP, right?

If Andrew Wiggins was very good in these playoffs, Steph Curry remains the main architect of this victory, especially against the Mavericks. That’s why the Chief came out with the MVP of these conference finals, and that of the finals a little later. Be careful not to provoke it.

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