ISC Paris x BVA: new purpose and barometer of happiness at work!

ISC Paris x BVA: new purpose and barometer of happiness at work!



Happiness among 18-24 year olds is a matter taken very seriously at ISC Paris. This is why the school called on the BVA group, a study and consultancy company but also an expert in behavioral sciences, to analyze the components of the happiness of young people and students aged 18-24. In this article, discover what this study has revealed, as well as the new raison d’être of the ISC Paris group!

ISC Paris x BVA: 1st barometer of happiness at work seen by young people:

The study in question was conducted by BVA Group with 1002 young people, which constitute the basic sample of this study, over a period of a few weeks. Among these young people interviewed, 557 are students (36% have a bac or an equivalent diploma and 10% have a bac +5). Let’s come back together to the results of this study as well as the observations observed!

Findings and results of the study:

First, the study found that overall, young people are currently prioritizing their personal balance rather than their professional life. They are also at the search for meaning in their work and do not wish to do the same thing all their life. The quest for meaning is important for this generation.

The issue of fulfillment at work is at the heart of the concerns of Generation Z (young people born between 1997 and 2010). Indeed, the fulfillment criterion comes first of the classification and it is the majority criterion retained by the young people. Then come the pay and passion.

Numbers :

  • 1 in 10 young people wants to be useful in the world of work and in line with its values.
  • 33% of young people want to have training that gives them the key skills to fit into the professional world. Same percentage for those who want to have professional opportunities and immersions (internship and work-study).
  • ¼ of young people want to have a diploma recognized by their employer.
  • 17% of young people and 23% of students want to have a rich student life
  • 85% of young people believe that to be successful, the company must ensure the happiness of young people as well as of its employees in general.
  • 63% of young people believe that obtaining or keeping a permanent contract is a priority objective. They want change but job security comes first.
  • 52% of young people believe that it is no longer necessary to study for a long time to succeed.
  • 45% of young people put personal pro-life balance first in their selection criteria, then 33% put support and listening within the work team in second place, then 31% promote understanding with employees and finally 28% favor the salary. This finding is surprising. Where in the past young people favored salary, in 2022, this criterion is placed last.
  • 51% of young people think that in order to reconcile their professional life and their personal life, companies must introduce flexible working hours.
  • When young people are asked what their dream job would be, 35% answer that it would be to create their business, when only 11% answer that it would be to work in a large French company.


What can be learned from this study of young people is that on the one hand the salary is no longer at the heart of their concerns And on the other hand, they now prioritize their well-beingperhaps to the detriment of favorable salary conditions (salaries, benefits, etc.)

ISC Paris: new purpose and novelties!

The ISC Paris group has given us the pleasure of announcing their new purpose exclusively. But before revealing it to you, let’s go back to some characteristic points of the group.

Regarding the mission of the school, it remains unchanged: Supporting our learners to find their own talents and put them at the service of society and businesses.

The values ​​are 4 in number: openness, ambition, sharing, resilience.

It should be known first of all that the definition of a raison d’être is not a legal obligation for the group because it is a non-profit association. The group is therefore not affected by the Mission-driven Company Pact Act. The group still wanted to define a purpose.

“Transmitting to everyone the taste for commitment to help build a happy world”

This is the new purpose of the ISC Paris group. This one has already been known internally for a year but has just been unveiled, this Tuesday, October 11.

They waited 1 year before revealing it in order to be able to progress on the subject and inform the decisions taken by the school. This raison d’être is the school’s new compass, as the Director General tells us, Jean-Christophe Hauguel.

Always with the objective of “sticking to the best” with this new raison d’être, the group undertook some ambitious projects, some of which are completely new to the world of business schools in France. Let’s come back together to the few new major elements of the ISC Paris group:

  • New objective to increase and diversify skills: ISC Paris will be the only school in France, by 2025, to require students to have a certification in addition to the school diploma. All students will therefore have a state-recognized certification when they leave school. We find, for example, the AMF certification in finance, SCRUM, or the possibility of obtaining a CAP in different fields (hotels, restaurants, hairdressing, etc.). Students will also have the chance, as part of the new partnership with L’isit, to go to the school for 1 week to acquire transversal skills in design, communication, hospitality, etc.
  • Action Learning or Pedagogy through action: As its name suggests, action learning allows students to learn differently, that is, by doing. The theoretical aspect is almost completely replaced by the practical aspect, in order to promote memorization. The courses in action learning representing in 2025, 50% of the ECTS credits of the semesters.
  • New educational initiatives directly related to the raison d’être: Courses in positive psychology and the science of happiness will be set up within the PGE. Another course on happiness in business will also be instituted. In addition, there will be a celebration within the school as part of the day of happiness on March 21 with mediation workshops etc.
  • “Chief Happiness Officer” certificate: From the start of the next school year, a school certificate to become Chief Happiness Officer will be set up within the school. There is currently no diploma strictly speaking on the market to become one, this explains the establishment of an internal certificate for students.
  • New TEALE app: It was designed to monitor his mental health and well-being. In particular, it allows you to measure your state of well-being at the moment T, thanks to various questions. Depending on the problems identified, the application offers “tutorials” to improve its state.
  • Focus on the student experience to convey a taste for commitment: This will notably involve the implementation oflearning expeditions” which consists of taking lessons outside the classroom and in unusual original places in order to improve the experience and allow students to better retain. There will also be online courses, hackathons etc.
  • Development of the alternation: CFAs will open on the Orléans and Paris campuses, which will promote the work-study sector within the group. “Summer schools” will also take place for work-study students, in order to allow them to go abroad for a few days in the summer, something that they cannot necessarily do by being work-study.
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship within the ISC Paris group: Via the creation of the endowment fund, which grants financial aid to people who wish to undertake, in particular women. It also promotes equal opportunities.
  • New accreditations : The AACSB and AMBA certifications have been renewed and the school now has BGA (Business Graduates Association) certification, of which it is the only post-preparatory school to currently hold!

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