Invest effectively when you are a company with SR Investment Partners

Invest effectively when you are a company with SR Investment Partners



Helping businesses grow

Lhe private consulting firm SR Investment Partners was created in 2019 by Shanaz Rob. Initially based in Great Britain, the company opened an office in Paris, in the prestigious Place Vendôme.

Shanaz Rob, with her many years of experience in large investment banks, wishes to use her skills to meet a specific need.

For this, the company relies on its knowledge in the fields of market finance, consulting, strategy and the recruitment of executives, thus enabling companies to develop their activity.

Shanaz Rob, like Hedge Fund Analyst and Business Developer Paul Chabbert, is also convinced that it is important to connect finance, business and politics to develop the activity of a country.

His observation: France, strong in its culture, sees investors arrive but leave quickly. This phenomenon is mainly due to the fact that France does not have a good knowledge of the financial markets. It therefore wishes to bring to the country the experience and practice of the English financial markets.

To benefit from the know-how of SR Investment Partners, companies must meet certain criteria of excellence. The latter must have a clear vision of their future development, a great open-mindedness, a good knowledge of the market and must be sustainable. They must also be innovative.

The company also helps foreign companies to establish themselves in France. But on condition “that they have a positive impact and that they adapt to France” declares Shanaz Rob.

The four pillars of business

To achieve these goals, the company has developed four business pillars.

The advisory service makes it possible to set up action plans within the framework of the financial markets. The goal here is to diversify the funds within the organization that uses SR Investment Partners. The company works with all asset classes. The market being very mobile, it is essential to adapt constantly, while allowing companies to invest in any range of assets.

Fundraising allows companies in need of long-term investments to find the right investors. The company then matches the two parties, after thoroughly researching the necessary funds and possible eligible investors.
The latter can be of several types: investors working in the same field as the company and institutional investors (sovereign funds, investment funds, Family Office, etc.). They are also based all over the world: Europe, United States, Great Britain, but also Asia and the Middle East.

Executive recruitment allows client companies to hire high-level professionals in different fields. They can be traders, but also CEOs, mathematicians, engineers, physics researchers… They all come from prestigious universities and colleges, thus guaranteeing client companies competent and immediately operational profiles.

Finally, the Public Affairs and Communication unit aims to support companies on their image and to link finance, business and politics.
Always based on the observation that France does not manage to have a good financial approach, SR Investment Partners has created tools to resolve these difficulties.

This involves partnerships created with French political leaders, strategy advice provided by the company and adaptation of British success to France.
Moreover, SR Investment Partners brings the British vision to help French players understand the business from the inside.

The company also offers a networking service to guarantee a good public image to the partners of the client company. This creates an impact on the market. The numerous advices of the collaborators guide the company in its communication. Experts offer a personalized analysis of companies, find solutions to solve communication problems and define a clear strategy that promotes business growth.

Since its creation in 2019, SR Investment Partners has been helping companies develop their activities by providing them with the best advice and providing them with the skills of cutting-edge professionals in their field. It is also convinced that France can become the capital of finance in Europe, that the company wished to set up in France and bring its expertise and its British vision.

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