Influencer marketing for the charitable sector

Influencer marketing for the charitable sector



Influencer marketing for the charitable sector. Photo credit: Orixa Fundraising

Influencer marketing in the charitable sector

Influencer marketing aims to take advantage of the strength of a public figure’s voice on social networks with his community in order to convey a message on a very specific theme.

Acting as true spokespersons for the brand, influencers are increasingly called upon by associations and charities to talk to their community but also to a younger target about the actions of the structure. This new form of marketing responds to the challenges of rejuvenating donor bases. Influence facilitates the awareness of an informed public to this type of advertising and to break down the barriers of a sector which wants to be increasingly young and closer to the new generations, future donors.

Broader targeting and more appropriate communication

The multiplicity of the number of influencers according to the themes and the field of action makes it possible to reach a more or less large community, with more or less strong commitment.

Influencers knowing how to communicate with their audience and having their own style, they will be able to raise awareness in the best possible way to meet the expectations of the campaign. But for that, it is necessary to provide a precise brief in order to reduce as much as possible the risk of odds in the communication of the influencer, then relay of the structure. It is possible, for emergency campaigns, to provide communication kits prepared upstream of a crisis situation, in order to deploy rapid and effective communication at a time when it is necessary to react quickly.

Orixa Fundraising supports charities in writing the brief for influencers, whether for emergency campaigns or for more traditional campaigns, fundraising, communication or lead recruitment. The digital agency has developed expertise on this type of communication and on the ins and outs for the success of campaigns.

Select the right influencers for your marketing strategy

As with any campaign, the strategic choice of levers is important; here the lever is the influencer who will speak during the campaign. It is imperative that this influencer be in touch with the actions of the charitable structure in order to reach a community interested in the problems of the structure but also that the speech of the influencer is not decorrelated from its editorial line.

Orixa Fundraising, defines the profiles and selects the influencers who best meet the needs of the charity structure and the campaign. Whether it is to call for a donation or to highlight a specific communication, the chosen influencers will have an important part in the success of the campaign. The agency can also help you find influencers who, for a campaign for the charitable sector, decide to carry out the campaign for free. This way of proceeding is often facilitated by the agency, which will create partnerships directly with the influencers. Influencers who will be recommended to you as long as they meet your brief and your needs.

All of these elements (broader targeting, specialized communication and a large pool of influencers) are real assets for charities in order to develop their means of communicating and reaching new audiences, with a view to continuing to develop their notoriety and their collection.

To know more :

Orixa Fundraising has developed a specific influence marketing offer in order to meet the new challenges and new consumption patterns of donors. If you want to know more about this new offer, its team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Do not wait any longer and contact them!

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