Le jeune joueur français des New Zealand Breakers, Hugo Besson, pourrait bien se frayer un chemin jusqu'en NBA au vu de ses dernières prestations en NBL

In the shadow of Wembanyama, Hugo Besson hits the mark and impresses!



This Tuesday, all NBA specialists had their eyes glued to the duel between Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, the two prodigies who should return to the league next season. But in the shadow of these titans, another player stood out: Hugo Besson.

The small NBA world is only talking about one thing on this Wednesday: Victor Wembanyama’s XXL performance for his first match across the Atlantic… The future n°1 of the Draft was particularly awaited, his opponents were keen to bring down the hype of the Frenchman, and gave him a stratospheric match under the eyes of all the scouts and of several huge All-Stars.

But the young tricolor was not the only one to shine this Tuesday in Las Vegas, since his great American rival Scoot Henderson showed exceptional things for an 18-year-old and 1m88 leader. With 28 points, 9 assists and 5 rebounds, the Georgia native not only proved he was capable of creating his own baskets, attacking Wembanyama in the paint, but also that he could organize the game like a metronome. .

Hugo Besson is a hit in the first half!

In the shadow of these two monsters that are already making all franchises salivate, including some will do everything to lose as many encounters as possible in the coming months, another player tried to distinguish himself: Hugo Besson, 6th offensive man drafted by the Bucks last June. The full-back had an absolutely insane first half and stood out:

Hugo Besson plays extremely well for the Metropolitans, he already scored 18 points and 4 long distance shots at half time. A solid prospect for the Bucks, who should play in the NBA soon.

An explosion of 18 points in the first half for Hugo Besson. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing that in the Australian Premier League with the Breakers, but it’s nice to see him shine in a game that all the eyes of the basketball world are on.

Because he does not benefit from the hype of a Victor Wembanyama, the highlights of Hugo Besson have not necessarily made the rounds of social networks, but he showed himself to his advantage this Tuesday in a match oh so important to him. Restricted by his coaches during the Summer League, he was able to show that he had the level to shine in the American context and against much more physical defenders than in the NBL. The Bucks must have enjoyed his 18 points in the first period!

Hugo Besson is a great attackedant, he has just proved it once again with this explosion in the first half. The Bucks can be satisfied with this performance and provide him with a place in the workforce for the coming seasons!

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