NBA Brooklyn prêt à beaucoup exiger pour KD

In the midst of rumors, Jayson Tatum’s cash update on Kevin Durant!



Always motivated to carry the Celtics to the title, Jayson Tatum has not been idle this summer, with multiple training sessions. He even took the opportunity to play a little with Kevin Durant, while the star is cited in many rumors with Boston. Number 0 has just explained this curious association, as well as his opinion on his counterpart.

After a successful season despite a loss in the final against the Warriors, we know that the Celtics will return with a still motivated Jayson Tatum. Membership is promising in Massachusetts, while Kevin Durant could strengthen it in the coming weeks. The front office is trying to find an agreement with the Nets for a trade, but it is far from won in view of the counterparty. In the worst case, Boston is in a good position in the Eastern Conference.

Jayson Tatum explains about Kevin Durant!

But the latest rumors did not fail to make Internet users react, especially when Tatum was spotted training with KD. Simple workout between the two men, or possible discussion about a future association? Tatum has just explained himself to Taylor Brooks of Bleacher Report. The star wanted to recall that his relationship with the Slim Reaper is not recent.

People exaggerate everything I do now. But the thing is, I’ve known Kevin Durant since college. We were together in the Team USA team, we spent 5 weeks together from Las Vegas to Tokyo. We even won the gold medal together, so there is bound to be a certain bond that is made. It’s like a brother.

No wonder Tatum finds Durant in the middle of the summer to work on his game. After all, we’re talking about one of the best players in the league, so if Jayson can learn a few things about his game, that’s one thing take. This is precisely what he explains a little later in the same interview: being able to rub shoulders with one of the best is an experience that must be seized for Celtic.

I’m not shy to say that KD is one of the best in this league, so if someone like him wants to work with you, that you can learn things about his game, why would I say no? If you worry too much about what other people will think, you can go crazy. And it’s crazy for me to tell myself that I can’t train with certain people. That’s all, it was just practice, to get better.

No, Jayson Tatum has not discussed the future with Kevin Durant, at least that’s what he says publicly to Bleacher Report. We are not going to dispute the player’s word, even if KD could become his teammate very soon. And given Tatum’s words about his counterpart, he shouldn’t mind.

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