À la suite du gros accrochage survenu entre Jordan Poole et Draymond Green lors d'un entrainement des Golden State Warriors, la planète NBA vient de découvrir les mots prononcés par le jeune arrière, et qui auraient déclenché toute cette scène

In the middle of the Draymond affair, chilling information on Jordan Poole



Soap Draymond Green or not, the Warriors have a season to prepare as best they can. Jordan Poole has just found the floors this week, with a card against the Lakers. This bodes well for the future, even if one question remains: will he be able to play with his teammate again? The latest update on this subject is worrying.

With the Warriors among the favorites to win the championship next June, the Draymond Green/Jordan Poole story seems to act as a test in this preparation. Steve Kerr was no doubt hoping to have a quiet moment with his players, in order to lay the foundations for defending their title. It is ultimately nothing. With this sad soap opera, the leaders are already finding themselves making difficult decisions.

To this day, the sanction is still pending for Green. The Dubs play for time, especially since the player has decided to leave the roster, at least until further notice. In front of the media, he notably mentioned personal problems to justify his gesture on his teammate. An excuse that did not please many on the side of California.

Jordan Poole far from forgiving Draymond Green

It doesn’t matter if the player is going through a rough patch, hitting a partner is unacceptable. For many at the Warriors, the trust is also broken, a term employed by a teammate to describe the situation. Draymond hopes to return soon to try to redeem himself, but let’s just say it won’t be an easy task. It’s actually Poole who might have some trouble with that.

After all, and given his reaction to the video, it’s clear the full-back didn’t expect such behavior from Green. Nobody expected it. We are talking here about a 32-year-old veteran with immense experience. Seeing him crack like a rookie is a surprising thing, including for members of the organization. The biggest problem remains Poole according to insider Cyrus Satsaaz, in the “Locked On Warriors” podcast. »

I had sources behind the scenes who were able to explain to me that Jordan Poole has not forgiven Draymond. They haven’t spoken yet. He’s not happy – and I don’t see how to be. The video is really ugly to watch.

A rumor that matches Green’s recent remarks, explaining that he wanted to leave space for his teammate during this period. Will he be ready to forgive her one day? No one will blame him if he doesn’t. In a recent tweet, Evan Fournier had moreover came up with a rather terrible conclusion on the relationship between the two.

Jordan Poole is not ready to turn the page with Draymond Green according to the latest echoes. It seems difficult to blame the player, especially since the consequences of this gesture should fall entirely on his teammate, and not him. However, the Warriors hope to settle this soap opera quickly, to try to defend their title in the best possible way. Let’s say it’s far from over…

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