La nouvelle décla' cinglante de Joel Embiid sur Ben Simmons !

In the middle of a beef, Ben Simmons declared it bluntly on Joel Embiid!



Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have been on a war footing for several months, and it’s obviously not about to change. Asked about his former teammate, the Nets player indeed answered clearly and clearly about the big man. At least we know what to expect.

It’s an open secret that Ben Simmons and Philadelphia did not part on good terms at all last February, when the player was sent to the Nets against James Harden. It must be said that before that, the winger had not played a single second in 2021-22, claiming not to be ready to play psychologically as well as being injured in the back. On top of that, there was that famous controversy in training with Doc Rivers, during which he was put aside after barely a minute.

Of course, his relationship with Joel Embiid also took quite a hit, because of this soap opera. Both men were expected to lead the Sixers to the top, but nothing came of it and the two men are now openly at odds. In a recent interview with ESPN, the former LSU college has also confirmed that they no longer communicate. Not surprising, after the repeated stings of The Process.

Embiid and Ben Simmons no longer speak to each other

I’m not talking to Jo. We’ve never really talked since I left. I don’t think there was really a relationship. In terms of friendship? You can try as much as you want to be close to someone, to be their friend, but everyone is different, so for me it’s never personal. I have no anger or hatred towards him. He is who he is and I am who I am. And we each have our own life.

That’s loud and clear from the Aussie, whose relationship to the runner-up of last year’s MVP votes is now non-existent. He also took the opportunity to drop a big tackle on his old franchise, explaining that he was much happier in Brooklyn:

Without a doubt. I have the support of all the guys, the coaching staff, the organization, so I just have to go out there and do the job. I feel like home. It seems normal to be here and come to work.

This is called settling accounts. It must be said that Ben 10 was literally torn apart by the fans of Pennsylvania for long months when he was away from the field, without being able to count on his entourage within the team to cheer him up. Suffice to say that the situation is very different in his new team, where he is part of the Big Three 2.0 with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. As to whether he will manage to bury the hatchet with Philly, the player kicks in touch:

Who knows if the situation will change? I cannot predict the future. I never would have thought it would happen like this at the start of my career. Who knows if in four or five years I will end up going back? I do not know. The situation could be totally different, but for now I don’t want to make up my mind and say that nothing can change.

The contact between Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid is therefore broken for good, and not sure that the situation will improve in the short or even medium term. Both men are therefore likely to experience some pretty tense times in the future, especially when Sixers and Nets face off.

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