La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a fait l'objet d'une drôle de comparaison avec une jolie fille de la part d'un analyste

In the heart of the storm, Westbrook under the blow of a big accusation!



Times are tough for Russell Westbrook, and it’s obviously not going to get any better. The Lakers star has indeed received a scathing criticism, in the form of a big theory. And we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people end up believing it…

Even before landing at the Lakers last summer, Russell Westbrook was already a very polarizing player. Great for some, indigestible to watch and unable to win according to others, opinions were particularly divided about the leader. A year later, however, no one can speak positively about him. Very disappointing on the pitch in 2021-22, he also showed that he was not at all ready to sacrifice himself for the good of the team, tactically.

As a result, his relationship with LeBron James eroded, and his last like on the King will only add fuel to the fire. For his detractors, this is the perfect opportunity to set him on fire, starting with Skip Bayless on Fox Sports. The analyst once again let loose on the Brodie during the show Undisputed, to the point of dropping a rather violent accusation against him. According to him, RW will be more concerned about what he does away from the field than on it:

Russell Westbrook does not bend to anyone’s wishes. He doesn’t, period. He wasn’t born to do this. He’ll fall on you if you’re not careful, but he certainly won’t bend to your will. So what do I know about Russ? I think he’s been working hard on his physical condition in the offseason, I don’t really have any doubts about that.

On the other hand, I don’t think he is working hard on his game, in order to improve and adapt. And why ? Because I think this fashion story is more important. It’s more important to him than basketball.

This one, it could hurt the number 0 very badly. Bayless may not be objective on the subject, regularly criticizing the former Thunder, but he has a very large audience who could take his words to heart.

Westbrook more concerned with fashion than basketball?

As a reminder, the person concerned is indeed a great fashion enthusiast, regularly attending events in this environment. He is also known for his own sometimes very extravagant outfits, which only rarely earn him compliments… He had in particular caused a sensation walking around in a skirt a few months ago. On this, the guy clearly has imagination and even seems ahead of his time.

The concern is that in normal times, the supporters would have left him much quieter with that if he had been satisfactory on the floors. However, this was far from the case in 2021-22, which is why the critics were all the more virulent each time he distinguished himself away from the Arena. Clearly, he should be more committed and above all, he should agree to integrate into the new systems of coach Darvin Ham. Without that, we risk another complete shipwreck.

Would Russell Westbrook be more concerned with his off-court activities than his progress at the Lakers? In any case, this is what Skip Bayless accuses him of. It would be better for him that the Brodie make him lie next year, he who must seriously redeem himself with everyone in Los Angeles.

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