La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, pourrait bien se retrouver obligée de faire ses valises à cause de la situation contractuelle d'un coéquipier

“In order, here are the 3 most likely destinations for Westbrook! »



The Russell Westbrook soap opera has been running for several months now, and doesn’t seem set to end anytime soon. Despite this, several exit doors could be offered to the Brodie, including the 3 most plausible classified by an insider from LA!

At only 33 years old, logic dictates that he still has a few good seasons ahead of him. And yet no more NBA franchises seem to want to include Russell Westbrook in his projects. Far from being bothered by injuries – he posted the 7th highest total of minutes played in the league last season, the star point guard of the Lakers actually owes this lack of attraction to his last year of expensive contract, but especially to its performance.

Unrecognizable under the Purple & Gold jersey, the Brodie is the subject of an active canvassing by his leaders to find him a new home. However, suitors aren’t rushing to their doorsteps to get him back, and the few who might risk it won’t do so without further compensation from the Angelinos. Enough to bog down this file, and make it difficult to read for weeks.

The 3 best placed teams for Russell Westbrook

As rumors follow one another for Westbrook, and mention of new starting possibilities almost every day, Lakers fans no longer really know how to navigate. Fortunately, Jovan Buha took care of it for them. In his latest paper for The Athleticthe journalist draws up a ranking of the most realistic destinations for Russ… with two teams in pole position according to him:

Right now, in order, here are the 3 most likely destinations for Westbrook: 1) Indiana, 2) Brooklyn, 3) Utah, and 4) New York. I think the first two options are close together, but Indiana seems more open to setting up a trade than Brooklyn does right now.

Everything is therefore possible for LA, which could even be spoiled for choice when it comes to getting rid of the 2017 MVP.

The most serious track would thus remain that leading to the Pacers, who would eventually be ready to haggle with Rob Pelinka and his assistants. The latter would like to get their hands on Buddy Hield and / or Myles Turner, and in this case would integrate Westbrook into the deal. As for the Nets, it’s Kyrie Irving who would most definitely go the other way, even if the latter does not seem very inclined to facilitate things.

Once these two alternatives have been mentioned, there remain those sending Russ to teams less mentioned since the beginning of this saga. According to Buha, the Jazz and the Knicks could for example still welcome him, why not? through a recently debated 5-player blockbuster trade. One thing is certain in any case: the Lakers will not miss the opportunity to part with it!

Indiana, Brooklyn, Utah: these are the 3 franchises to watch more than any other about Russell Westbrook. To see if one of them will indeed start the season with him in a few weeks, or if he will still wear the Lakers jersey!

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