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“I’m very happy that he’s leaving, because he’s going to arm himself with gold coins”



Following the title won against the Celtics, the Warriors saw several players from their roster set sail. However, Draymond Green does not regret the departure of one of them… Indeed, he is happy for the person concerned who signed a nice check.

It’s never easy to be an NBA athlete when your dad was one before you, especially if he was successful. However, this is exactly what describes the pressure on the shoulders of Gary Payton II, his father being one of the best leaders in history. His league debut wasn’t easy either, with the fullback playing in three different franchises in four years, having been undrafted in 2016. However, that all changed when he signed for the Warriors in 2020.

If he was not particularly present during his first campaign in the Bay, with just 10 regular season games on the clock, it was a different story in 2021-22 where he took a prominent place in the California rotation. . In total, he played no less than 71 games, averaging 7 points and 1.4 interceptions per game. The last stat will please his father, The Glove being a reference in the matter. On top of that, he was also to his advantage in the playoffs.

Draymond Green happy for Gary Payton II

Apart from the injury suffered against the Grizzlies in the conference semi-finals, GPII was present from start to finish and was therefore able to participate in the coronation of Golden State in the Finals, against Boston. Enough to increase his rating, to the point where the Blazers offered him a contract of 28 million dollars over three years. A very nice sum for a non-drafted that he also accepted. His now ex-teammate Draymond Green came back to his case recently, paying him a very nice tribute on his podcast:

First, I want to pass on my congratulations to Gary Payton II – GP2. It’s well deserved, man. At 29, he is a guy who has continued to make efforts, efforts and more efforts. I was looking at the GP Wikipedia page a few days ago and just looking at the teams he played in… and he never gave up.

I am extremely happy for him. I’m not happy to see him go but I’m always happy to see the lads go full of gold… so to see GP get their due I thought that was absolutely amazing I’m happy for GP . Congratulations, champ.

When such a statement comes from a quadruple champion, especially from the lungs of the Dubs squad, it means that you have done everything right.

Of course, the 2017 DPOY is not thrilled that the guard will now be his opponent, but the fact remains that in the NBA, everything can go very quickly. Its market value was higher than ever, so you might as well use it thanks to Portland, which allowed it to obtain solid financial guarantees. And then, if ever the guy would like to return to San Francisco in a few years, there is no doubt that the franchise and the fans would welcome him with open arms.

Gary Payton II has earned the respect of Draymond Green, which is way easier said than done. The Dancing Bear is delighted that the player received his little jackpot, believing that he had fully deserved it after years of hard work.

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