NBA Le jeune prodige français Victor Wembanyama a fait l'objet d'une drôle d'invitation en marge de la seconde rencontre amicale entre les Metropolitans 92 et la G-League Ignite

“If we find out that Victor Wembanyama murdered someone…”



Victor Wembanyama could not have dreamed better for his first expAmerican experience. the young pivot was not only exceptional on the field, he also distinguished himself by his maturity and his intelligence. The only thing that could harm him now is a criminal record according to an executive.

Victor Wembanyama was expected as the messiah for his first appearance on American grounds. During an exceptional tour with his Metropolitans, the young French pivot had the opportunity to prove that he had everything of a future No. 1 in Draft. But he was not satisfied with that with his two masterful performances at more than 35 points.

Today, the new player for the France team is seen as a potential all-time talent, as a man capable of changing the NBA forever. An immense pressure which does not necessarily seem to reach him, since Victor Wembanyama knows what he wants to achieve in his career, knows where he wants to go, and he must have been comforted by the many declarations of the stars about him, including LeBron James and Stephen Curry!

The teams ready for anything for Wembanyama

If the teenager and his team have returned to France to resume the championship, the NBA leaders are still shocked by his passage and his performances. The proof, according to Dave McMenamin ofESPNwho has been able to speak with several executives in recent days, the first place in the next Draft could no longer escape him, except in the event of a dismal discovery.

An executive admitted to me that the only way for Victor Wembanyama not to be the next No. 1 in Draft is for a team to investigate and find out he murdered someone. Another told me that no team will have to spend money sending scouts to Metropolitans games. They all saw what they had to see. Another executive even went so far as to say he was shooting like Curry.

I was also told that if it was possible to trade all draft picks over 10 years, some teams would do it to get Wembanyama back. In fact he is the complete opposite of Darko Milicic. The latter was almost a mythical creature when he arrived in the league, while Victor Wembanyama is concrete, the whole league has just seen him.

Victor Wembanyama’s first stint on North American grounds was a huge success, to the point that franchises no longer want to watch him in the French championship. Everyone knows that the young pivot is exceptional, that he has the qualities and the talent to win across the Atlantic, we now have to wait for the Draft so that he becomes the first name called by Adam Silver. Unless we discover him a heavy criminal record…

Victor Wembanyama knows it, he is sure to be the n°1 of the next Draft, which must take some weight off his shoulders. He will be able to spend the season without stress, develop his body and help his team find the playoffs.

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