La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, s'est exprimé cash sur le dossier Kyrie irving

‘If they stay at the Nets next year…’ Durant and Kyrie’s plans revealed!



Offseason big names Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could both leave the Nets in the summer. However, if they were to start the new season in Brooklyn, a scenario seems to hold the rope, and has just been unveiled!

One asked to leave more than a month ago and is waiting for his leaders to grant his request. The other could see this departure indirectly provoke his own. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could leave the Nets behind in the coming weeks. In his latest paper dedicated to the Lakers offseason, Jovan Buha of The Athletic recalls, for example, that LA represents the most probable base for the star leader:

There’s only a few things acquired in the NBA that I would be hesitant to take for granted. But all indications point to the Lakers as the No. 1 destination for Irving should he leave Brooklyn, whether through a trade between now and the February 2023 trade deadline, or through free agency next summer. , when the salary of (Russell) Westbrook will no longer be in the accounts of the Lakers.

Kyrie and KD, a divorce not yet necessarily recorded?

Despite the strong interest in him from the Angelinos, Kyrie would not be against continuing his journey in Brooklyn next year. Could he find KD there? This scenario remains plausible, all the more in view of the recent update about the Slim Reaper. Moreover, this reunion could totally change the situation in these cross files according to Buha!

If Irving stays in Brooklyn next season with Durant, I think it would take a disastrous outcome — like losing in the first round of the playoffs — for the pair not to stay with the Nets long term. That said, there’s even less certainty with Irving than with other superstars, so even that might be too bold a claim. He could easily change his mind next summer and sign for the Lakers or another team.

In other words, if their leaders decide to give their duo a chance again in the coming months, Kyrie and KD could start again on a long association of several years. What put a big blow in the back of the head to all their suitors on the market, and rewrite the future of the league. Uncle Drew remains unpredictable despite everything, and able to change the air whatever happens next summer. In this case, the Lakers would still hold the rope:

But considering the lack of interest across the league to sign him via trade, it looks like the Lakers are the most likely option for him as a free agent next summer, outside of the Nets. There’s also uncertainty regarding LeBron James’ future, which could dissipate this week as he’s eligible to sign a contract extension on August 4.

Against all odds, if they were to be retained by Brooklyn next year, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could therefore stay there for more than one season. Definitely, these different soap operas will never cease to amaze!

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