La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, a livré une réponse ferme sur les rumeurs qui l'entourent

“If the Nets could trade Kyrie for this player, they would do it straight away! »



The subject of numerous transfer rumors at the start of the offseason, Kyrie Irving has so far been retained by the leaders of Brooklyn. However, the latter could be tempted by a very specific package according to a famous insider!

Following his long absence at the start of last season, and his disappointing performance in the series against the Celtics, many observers thought he was in the hot seat. However, five months after the elimination of the Nets, Kyrie Irving is still on the Nets roster. Still, his superiors clearly could have gotten rid of him if they really wanted to.

Indeed, the Lakers have long tried to get their hands on Uncle Drew, whom they hoped to see replace Russell Westbrook in their team. Negotiations between the two franchises ultimately yielded nothing, and allowed the Brooklyn leader to continue his journey there, as he wished. That the latter does not believe himself untouchable, since only one player could push him out.

The star the Nets would much prefer to Kyrie Irving

Despite his undeniable talent and his good relationship with Kevin Durant, Irving would not be the reference among NBA leaders. Far from there. In any case, this is what ESPN defends in its latest Top 100 of the best players in the league. Ranked 33rd, Kyrie is notably overtaken by… Jrue Holiday. A hierarchy that Brian Windhorst justified with a clear statement on the set of NBA Today :

I think if you gave the Nets a truth serum and told them they could trade Kyrie for Jrue Holiday, they would do it straight up. In my opinion, the reason why (Holiday) is ranked higher is that he is a great defender. I saw him play alongside Kevin Durant when the Americans won gold at the Tokyo Olympics last year, and he was amazing with him.

Often considered one of the most underrated stars on the circuit, Holiday would represent, according to Windhorst, the perfect point guard to accompany KD. A speech that he justifies thanks to the Olympic run of Team USA in 2021, during which the rear of the Bucks had shown himself invaluable as a soldier of the Slim Reaper. Therefore, the Nets would not be against recovering it by sacrificing Kyrie.

Unfortunately for them, the Milwaukee front office apparently has no intention of parting with its watchdog. Under contract until 2025, Jrue should indeed prove difficult to access by then. Even more for Brooklyn, which represents a major rival for the band of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The so-called dream of Sean Marks and his assistants will therefore have a hard time coming true!

Supposedly happy to keep Kyrie Irving for the coming season, the Nets would still not be against parting with him to get Jrue Holiday. A move defended by Brian Windhorst, but anyway unrealistic as it is!

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