Nouveau calvaire pour Kevin Durant, qui contredit ouvertement son coach !

“If Kevin Durant wants to leave, he has to go there”



Undisputed Nets franchise player, Kevin Durant is firmly established in the New York megalopolis. However, nothing excludes a departure in the long term… If he were to ask it, a leader of the league suggested him an ideal base for the rest of his career.

Whether Kevin Durant managed to return to the best level after his Achilles tendon rupture suffered in 2019, he did not experience the same success on a collective level. Arrived in Brooklyn to form a superteam there with Kyrie Irving notably, he twice failed to reach even the conference finals. This season, the adventure even stopped in the first round with a very humiliating sweep suffered against the Celtics, future finalists.

This lack of results must necessarily be extremely frustrating to live with for the double champion, although the latter continues to proclaim his loyalty to blacks and whites. Behind the scenes of the league, however, we are preparing for the possibility that he sets sail, just in case. Asked by the site a member of a rival front office who remained anonymous has revealed the ideal destination for the winger. And it’s a real surprise!

Trade XXL suggested between the Nets and the Timberwolves?

For me, the only type of player you can reasonably trade Kevin Durant for is Karl-Anthony Towns. Minnesota isn’t looking to trade him and the Nets aren’t pushing for KD to be traded. But if that’s something KD wants, it’s a team he could go to and become a contender right away.

A monster swap between Durantula and the former draft No. 1? It would in any case have the effect of an earthquake across the league, although even the leader does not seem to really believe it. However, according to his logic, the n ° 7 could well find his account with the Wolves, largely because of the presence of the sophomore Anthony Edwards. Between them, they could form a rather frightening tandem offensively, especially if we add a third thief to them:

If Minnesota wants to give it a shot, they can give Anthony Edwards a really, really good mentor. They already have role players who can do the job around him. You add a high-caliber free agent, and you get one of the best teams in the West. But it’s a very difficult thing to do to trade a player like Durant.

Back in the playoffs this season after vegetating in the bottom of the conference for years, the T-Wolves do have some promising elements. On the other hand, not sure that this is enough to cross a course, including with KAT who disappointed in the first round against the Grizzlies. Obviously, a generational talent like KD could change that… Hard to see the Nets letting him slip away, however, given his importance.

Let it be clear, there is no indication at the moment that Kevin Durant could leave Brooklyn. The Black and White superteam is also his own project. But hey, that doesn’t prevent the competition from keeping an eye on the file.

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