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“If Kevin Durant said that, then it’s really awful”



Did Kevin Durant know that Brooklyn was going to lose in the first round against Boston? That’s what someone close to the superstar said recently, a statement that hasn’t gone unnoticed. According to a famous analyst, it could turn into a disaster for the double champion.

The elimination of the Nets in the first round had been quite a surprise in the playoffs, even if it was against the Celtics who went straight to the Finals afterwards. Above all, no one expected the opposition to end in a very scathing sweep, Steve Nash’s men being swept away by the Massachusetts players. Nobody ? Maybe not in fact, because it could be that Kevin Durant saw this outcome coming before anyone else.

Indeed, the recent revelation of a relative of the Slim Reaper had the effect of a bomb within the NBA community. According to Mike James, who plays for AS Monaco, the winger reportedly told him he knew Brooklyn was going to lose ! A totally mind-boggling confession that many observers find extremely hard to believe, although the source is very close to the superstar. Shannon Sharpe, however, made it clear: if what the point guard says is true, then it’s a disaster for the 2014 MVP.

Mike James’ confession about Kevin Durant shocks the NBA

I don’t want to believe it. Because I find it hard to believe an NBA player would say such a thing. From the timing, the Nets were trailing 2-0 or something in the series at that point. But if he said that, then it’s horrible for his image. If so, then KD might be great, but he likes the easiest path with the least resistance. This is not the right attitude to have.

It’s not uncommon for a team to get off to a bad start in their streak to the point of their backs against the wall, but it’s never over until one of the two franchises has four wins on the clock. Recovering a 3-1 lead is no longer so impossible, for example, the Nuggets having proven it again in 2020 against the Clippers. We therefore understand the incredulity of Sharpe, who however also had a message to convey to Mike James, author of the revelation:

I find it hard to believe that an NBA player of this caliber, or any athlete for that matter, can just say “we’re not going to win” in this situation. But even if he did, why did Mike James say that? Why put your friend in such a situation? Why put it in a negative light like that? Things that are said in private should be kept private.

Mike James’ revelation about Kevin Durant is still quite mind-boggling, to the point where observers don’t really know which way to dance on it. However, if the story turns out to be true, then the Slim Reaper’s image could be tarnished forever.

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