La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, a salement trollé un prestigieux spectateur de la rencontre opposant sa franchise aux Boston Celtics

“If KD wants to get fired, he can tell Joe Tsai about China”



Kevin Durant could be at an impasse in Brooklyn… Owner Joe Tsai took defense by Steve Nash and Sean Marks after the ultimatematum placed by the player, and he does not intend to exchange it if no offer meets his expectations. A former Warriors propdared a crazy method to KD to regain his freedom.

For the space of a few weeks, the dossier Kevin Durant seemed to be settled in Brooklyn, and many fans believed his reunion with Joe Tsai was staged in an effort to ease tensions once and for all. It must be said that the franchise has recorded some fine recruits, such as TJ Warren or Royce O’Neale, and above all, Kyrie Irving made it clear to everyone that he intended to stay.

But despite this good news, despite the workforce that could allow Brooklyn to climb into the title race, KD does not intend to stay another season under the orders of Steve Nash, who is particularly criticized for his lack of inspiration. on the bench. He did not hesitate to ask for his head in a rare ultimatum, to which the owner of the franchise quickly responded.

Andrew Bogut’s extreme solution to saving Kevin Durant

Joe Tsai, the big boss of the Nets, made it clear that he was on his coach’s side, and he also explained that he would not accept a trade for the No. 7, unless an XXL package that would strengthen the team… Kevin Durant could therefore be blocked, and rather than skipping the training camp, as he is thinking of doing, he could find a faster method. Andrew Bogut proposed one on Twitter.

An easy way for Kevin Durant to leave Joe Tsai’s Nets, which no specialist is talking about. A simple tweet: “Free Hong Kong, free Taiwan”. Fired the next day…. 😎😎😎

According to Andrew Bogut, it would be enough for Kevin Durant to make remarks on Chinese politics to annoy Joe Tsai and get fired. Funny advice on a very thorny subject, which would have repercussions far beyond Brooklyn. Just look at the diplomatic incident created by Daryl Morey a few years ago when he spoke out in favor of Hong Kong. In any case, Internet users had a good laugh:

What if he changed his name to “Free Hong Kong”, that his jersey is flocked with this name. Commentators should say it 100x a night 😂😂😂

If the Nets do not want to trade Kevin Durant, the latter may have to force the hand of its leaders. By making thorny comments, or by adopting the James Harden method of gaining weight or faking injuries.

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