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“I was so down, that suicide seemed like the only option”



Long taboo in the NBA sphere, depression and its effects are increasingly being discussed without filter by the league’s biggest stars. One of them has just revealed that she was very close to ending her life.

The profession may be the dream of millions of fans around the world, but it does not guarantee happiness, like all the others. Despite all the pretty aspects that accompany it in the common imagination, the status of NBA player does not prevent the birth of mental illnesses in those who wear it. The proof, with the latest poignant testimony from a big name on the circuit.

The shocking confessions of John Wall

Disappeared from the radar in recent months, John Wall is preparing to find a prominent place in the league as a member of the Clippers. A context that he considered perfect to evoke his suicidal desires a few days ago, in remarks that touched LeBron James. In the columns of The Players’ Tribunethe star leader continued his revelations about the dark hours he lived with strong words:

It’s hard to say that to the whole world. But if there’s one thing that characterizes me, it’s that I’ve always been true, and that’s not going to change today. I can’t water it down. The truth is that two years ago, I was at my worst, and I couldn’t find a way out. And I know that might sound crazy to some people. I already know the kind of comments I will receive. “How can you be depressed with all that money? » (…)

I know exactly who I am. I am a dog. I was knocked down and got up hundreds of times. From my childhood, where I was a little skinny, until becoming the 1st pick — with all the shit I had to face? I know exactly who I am and what I stand for, and how many people need to hear this. So I’m not afraid to say that I was so down, that suicide seemed like the only option.

Overwhelmed by his setbacks in the NBA, Wall also had to overcome a terrible ordeal a few months later:

A year after my max extension, my Achilles tendon ruptured, and I lost the only sanctuary I’ve ever known — basketball. I ended up with such a bad infection after the operations that I almost had my foot amputated. A year later, I lost my best friend in this world, my mother, to breast cancer.

His fate in the league turned upside down, and his most precious landmark on this earth gone, the five-time All-Star thought he was lost. In the end, thanks to the help of his relatives and his therapist, he is well on the way to finding the light on the parquet floors. A journey that he savors, and which, he hopes, will be able to inspire some of his fans:

When I say I’m back, it’s deeper than that. It goes beyond basketball. I’m talking about LIFE, okay?? I’ve been through as dark times as you can imagine…and yo…I’m still here.

Assailed by dark thoughts a few months ago, John Wall can now congratulate himself on having once again been able to get up. Impossible, therefore, not to wish him the best under the colors of the Clippers in the coming months!

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