NBA Simmons préféré à Russell Westbrook

“I still prefer to have Ben Simmons in my team than Russell Westbrook”



Russell Westbrook saw his rating hit rock bottom after his disastrous season at the Lakers. A few weeks before the resumption of the regular campaign, the humiliating comments never end… A famous analyst outright prefers Ben Simmons, yet absent from the field since May 2021!

It seems hard to believe, but the upcoming season of Russell Westbrook could be even more complicated than the previous one. Indeed, nothing seems to be going the superstar’s direction at the Lakers. On the one hand, he faces immense pressure, his first year in California having been a total disaster. On the other hand, the franchise does not make it easier for him by having signed Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schröder to his position, which could have dirty consequences for the ringleader.

Besides that, the Brodie must also deal with a host of very scathing comments towards his person, having lost the majority of his capital of trust with American observers. In the case of Brian Windhorst, it would even seem that he is completely exhausted. The insider ofESPN has been tough on it recently, saying he favored another controversial player at RW. So it never ends…

Brian Windhorst slices cash between Simmons and Westbrook

If you ask me who I’d rather have, I’d rather have Ben Simmons than Russell Westbrook. First of all, he’s younger. Then it’s bigger. On top of that he defends, and I need a top defender to win at the top level.

We’re not going to hide it, it’s clearly a big humiliation for the 2017 MVP. Talent and intrinsic qualities aside, we’re talking about a player who hasn’t stepped on a pitch for over a year… but which would therefore be a greater guarantee of performance than n°0. His last season in LA has well and truly weighed down the OKC legend’s rating, and his haters of course jumped for joy when they heard the journalist’s statement. So they dropped in the comments:

I’d rather have Reggie Jackson than Russell Westbrook

Not really a controversial opinion, since I think we all would

Decidedly, Russell Westbrook will have many things to be forgiven in 2022-23, he who must imperatively rehabilitate himself in the eyes of all. Otherwise, this kind of punchlines risk becoming one more his daily burden.

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