NBA Wembanyama et Luka Doncic

“I saw Luka Doncic before he arrived, but Wembanyama…”



With his card during his stay in the United States, Victor Wembanyama put almost all the observers in the league in his pocket. According to a renowned journalist, the French pivot could well be even more incredible than Luka Doncic at the same age…

We already knew it for several months, Victor Wembanyama was one of the big favorites for the first pick of the 2023 draft. But doubt is practically no longer allowed since he demonstrated his talents against Team Ignite: it’s good the French big man who should be called first by Adam Silver, next June. It’s simple, the nugget from Boulogne-Levallois splashed the US with his immense talent, shocking a good part of the superstars.

Since then, he has notably had the right to praise from big names like LeBron James, Stephen Curry or even Kevin Durant, proof that he is already dubbed by the cream of the big league. And on the media side, the situation is not very different since the analysts are on their knees in front of him. Just ask John Hollinger to The Athleticwho dropped a rave speech on the pivot in his last article, announcing absolute madness:

Journalists on their knees in front of Victor Wembanyama

Between his size, his length and his extraordinary level of skill, to call Wembanyama a generational perspective is to say that the fire is an important discovery: while that is true, it is an understatement. We can say that there has not been a player so “indispensable” so young since Lew Alcindor (who will later become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, editor’s note).

I watched Porziņģis and Luka Doncic in Spain I saw Greg Oden play in the Final Four and watched John Wall beat overmatched opponents at the Hoop Summit. None of them made the observers drool like that, far from it.

Definitely, there is no end to the huge compliments for the V. Especially when you see who it is compared to!

Remember that Abdul-Jabbar was considered before his arrival in the NBA as one of the best high school players in history, while Halleluka impressed on the Old Continent when he was still only 16 years old. But according to Hollinger, Wembz manages to do even better, in part because he presents a combination of athletic and technical qualities never seen before, which leaves the journalist speechless:

Watching both games this week from the sidelines, as well as Wembanyama’s shooting practice before kick-off, I had to collect myself even as I criticized some of his areas for improvement. I thought to myself, “I think he could have attacked to his left on that pick-and-roll,” then I quickly remembered that I was criticizing a 2m21 teenager who was playing against American pros. But what had I just seen?

Victor Wembanyama is clearly set to be one of the greatest prospects of all time, even ahead of players like Luka Doncic and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This is to say the monstrous hype around the nugget of Metropolitans 92…

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