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“I hear too many bad things about this Warrior, he worries me”



The Warriors are defending champions and will therefore be the team to beat in 2022-23. It would therefore be necessary that all the players are in tune… But according to a famous analyst, a nugget from the squad attracted attention in an inglorious way, at the worst of times.

It was to be expected, the offseason has been eventful for Golden State. A lot of players have jumped ship, the competition having thrown themselves on them after the coronation of the Californians last June. The advantage of the latter is that they have a deep workforce which allows them to have internal alternatives. This is particularly the case with their pool of young people, the leaders of the Bay being known to be experts in the draft.

With a few exceptions, the franchise has consistently hit it hard in recent years, with Jordan Poole being the perfect example. The duo Moses Moody-Jonathan Kuminga, selected last summer, should in theory follow suit. However, the second city will have to rectify some things from the fall, according to Stephen A. Smith. According to the journalist, his behavior would be questionable, not ideal given that he is a darling of owner Joe Lacob:

Jonathan Kuminga’s attitude irritates Stephen A. Smith

I’m worried about Kuminga. I hear too much about him off the pitch, in terms of mentality. The level of discipline he lacks, some stupid things he would have done… I’m not getting involved in his personal affairs, but I’m talking about attitude. I’m not talking about stocks. I say that attitude, the level of focus, of commitment, of determination has to change. You just have to put your head down and do the work. I hear he’s robbing the Warriors of that view, and he needs to pull himself together.

This was seen during the playoffs, JK does not yet fully inspire confidence in his coaching staff, his playing time having been halved there. If he doesn’t want that to happen again in 2022-23, he’ll have to prove he can stay on the pitch in the hot moments and those rumors really don’t work in his favour. Fans know it very well, the Warriors have no time to lose, wanting to take advantage of the presence of their Big Three to garner as many titles as possible. If he cannot get in tune, the door awaits him:

I noticed this last year. This guy needs to learn more about the game and gain patience. Otherwise, it can still be traced. These are facts

Jonathan Kuminga is certainly still very young, but the NBA is not one to wait for players to learn the trade. His sophomore season will therefore have to be convincing from A to Z, especially in Golden State where places in the rotation are expensive. It’s up to him to show that he has the shoulders.

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