La superstar NBA des Los ANgeles Lakers, LeBron James, a relayé un cri du cœur concernant l'un de ses coéquipiers, snobé de la liste des 75 de la NBA

“I admit, I’m jealous of LeBron, but he’s not the GOAT for all that”



Close to celebrating his 38th birthday, LeBron James has had time to make people envious with his illustrious 19-year-long career. Starting with a league legend, who however refuses to dub King as the best player of all time!

Approaching his 20th NBA season represents a feat that few players can claim to have achieved in history. Few of them, if any, however, have accumulated as much success as LeBron James over this period. At almost 38 years old, the leader of the Lakers does not intend to slow down the pace anytime soon, and still hopes to expand his record before hanging up the sneakers in a few years.

For the time being, LBJ can already be satisfied with having filled its trophy cabinet very nicely. With 4 champion rings, 4 crowns as MVP and as many as Finals MVP, 18 All-Star Game selections, or 18 appearances in an All-NBA Team, the King could retire from the courts with the feeling of duty accomplished. And yet, he is still aiming for a major objective this season, which makes some of his illustrious elders salivate.

Shaquille O’Neal envies LeBron…but snubs him on the GOAT

Latest podcast guest impulsive, Shaquille O’Neal mentioned the case of LeBron, as well as his quest for the mythical career points record held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A quest that would arouse a feeling of jealousy in him:

People look at stats first, right? Well his stats will definitely put him at the top. The fact that he is able to overtake Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I honestly admit that I am jealous of him in relation to that.

Statistically, few players can indeed compete with Bron in history. Due to his versatility, he is, for example, the only man to appear in the Top 50 all-time of the best scorers, passers and rebounders in the league. An impressive feat, which for many makes it one of, if not the main candidate for GOAT status.

An opinion that the Shaq has already shared in the past, he who even claimed that LeBron would officially become the greatest when he hung KAJ’s record on his hunting board. However, Diesel has completely gone back on these remarks in recent hours, do not even deign to give it second place in its historic ranking!

Personally, I think Michael Jordan is the best player of all time. LeBron is about to do something that hasn’t been done in a very long time, and it will earn him points, but for me, he is not the GOAT. I will always put Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Magic and all those players in front of him. I watch LeBron, but in my opinion, Jordan remains the greatest.

If he definitely thought he was considered the GOAT by Shaquille O’Neal by becoming the leading scorer in NBA history, LeBron James will obviously have to do a lot more. He will at least have the merit of making the former pivot jealous!

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