Huge update in the James Harden file at the Sixers!

Huge update in the James Harden file at the Sixers!



James Harden had caused a stir recently, refusing to activate his last year of contract with Philadelphia. However, the rear should quickly be fixed as to his future, Adrian Wojnarowski announcing the resolution of his case in a very short time.

2021-22 will clearly have been a very complicated season for James Harden, in all respects. Collectively first, the superstar left the Nets at the deadline following major differences with everyone there. He then landed at the Sixers, but the adventure ended in the second round of the playoffs against the Heat. On an individual level, he was also catastrophic with an address at half mast and a flagrant lack of aggressiveness in attack, to the chagrin of all of Pennsylvania.

Luckily, it seems The Beard has made himself aware of his wanderings, as he has taken a huge decision about his future not long ago. Instead of activating its $47 million player option, the number 13 waived it in order to offer more financial flexibility to its leaders. A nice gesture that the franchise should very quickly reward, according to the insider Adrian Wojnarowski who dropped a small bomb on the show Sports Center :

Extension for James Harden within 24 hours?

Talks between Harden and the Sixers are expected to resume today or tomorrow. Harden concretely sat down at his leadership table and tried to find a way to strengthen the team around him and Embiidwe saw it with the arrival of PJ Tucker and Danuel House Jr. We can expect Harden, his representative and Daryl Morey in Philadelphia to sit down and make this deal, maybe as soon as the next 24 hours.

The star journalist says it clearly, we shouldn’t have to wait long before Philly announces the extension of the 2018 MVP. The latter has seen his decision pay off, with the franchise taking advantage of his upcoming pay cut to recruit a few quality. Tucker in particular was courted by many people in the league, the 2020 champion with the Bucks being an essential duty player for any contender.

With all this, local fans can begin to regain hope, those who had the right to a huge disappointment last May. Now, however, El Chapo will also have to redeem himself on the ground and finally justify the investment of his front office at the deadline. The good news is that he seems to be working hard to get back on his feet, notably undertaking a big physical transformation. If he comes back in shape like never before, it could spark some sparks.

According to the Woj, we could therefore see a contract extension for James Harden in the next 24 hours. It remains to be seen how much will be granted to The Beard, who must imperatively show a better face next season.

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