Terrible désillusion pour Kyrie Irving ?

Huge push for Kyrie Irving?



Disappointing last year, and especially mostly absent, Kyrie Irving does not yet know where he will play next season. It may be at the Nets, or at the Lakers. Whatever happens, the person concerned finds himself under a lot of pressure according to this insider. The player doesn’t really have the right to make mistakes, to the point that he has to bounce back, and quickly.

On the sidelines of the Kevin Durant soap opera, it’s Kyrie Irving who finds himself in a strange position. While he extended his one-year contract in the Big Apple, activating his player option, the leader is already on the start after his teammate’s request. Since ? He is regularly cited by the Lakers, who are strongly interested in the point guard, to reunite him with LeBron James. Problem ? The talks have stalled for some time.

There are two reasons for this: the first is that the Nets prioritize Durant. It is he who will bring one of the biggest rewards in history, which requires the full attention of the front office. The second ? Even if negotiations resume, the asking price is too high for the Lakers, who want to send Russell Westbrook in exchange. But as you can imagine, that’s not enough to make a difference.

No room for error for Kyrie Irving?

No matter where he plays next year according to Brian Windhorst, the player will have to deal with enormous pressure. After a failed season with the Nets, with the added bonus of still questionable behavior, Kyrie will not really have the right to make mistakes if he wants a new good contract in 2023. This is indeed his status as an agent. free that changes everything, with an interest that could be relatively low.

Kyrie is probably in that area right now, with pressure. If Kyrie wants to control his destiny and get the contract he wants, he’s got to have a great season.

We know that money is not very important for Kyrie, especially since he has already obtained big contracts in the past, but he will have to achieve a great season to reassure himself, as well as the teams. Otherwise, it could be snubbed in the market. The only team capable of pursuing him no matter what? The Lakers:

If the Nets don’t extend Kyrie, I think the Lakers will save as much money as possible to sign him next summer.

Free agent next summer, Kyrie Irving knows he will have a big season. Otherwise, he could regret it and find himself without a big contract, unless the Lakers come to save him. Whatever happens, and after so much controversy, it’s time for the player to reassure.

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