Le jeune intérieur de LDLC Asvel, Victor Wembanyama, a claqué un gros poste sur deux joueurs lors de la rencontre d'Euroleague face à Vitoria

Huge news for Victor Wembanyama!



Victor Wembanyama might be frustrated to see rivals Kenneth Lofton Jr. and Chet Holmgren shine in the Summer League, but he too will be able to show off in the coming weeks. Indeed, he has just received excellent news from Vincent Collet.

Victor Wembanyama must watch the Summer League carefully, since several rivals and friends participate in it, and he should be the attraction of the next edition, he who is announced as the logical No. 1 of the 2023 Draft by all the specialists. And in the first games, the French pivot does not necessarily have anything to smile about, Ousmane Dieng being relatively clumsy with the Thunder (6 points and 5 rebounds in the last game, 2/9 shooting).

Above all, his rivals are exploding, and in particular the colossus Kenneth Lofton Jr., who makes his power and his intelligence speak in the racket. For example, he was excellent against the other prodigy, Chet Holmgren, who him all exploded during his first meetingnotably beating the record for blocks in a Summer League match.

Victor Wembanyama pre-selected for the EuroBasket!

But rest assured, Victor Wembanyama will also be able to shine in the coming days, since he has just received excellent news which will occupy his summer. A few days after changing clubs, he was pre-selected by Vincent Collet in the group for the EuroBasket which will take place in September. The nugget of French basketball will discover what a very high level preparation is.

Victor Wembanyama is only pre-selected for EuroBasket, nothing guarantees him a place in the final squad for the competition, but it is already excellent news for him and his development. For several weeks, he will be able to rub shoulders with the best French players, including Rudy Gobert, from whom he could learn a lot, especially defensively.

It now remains to be seen whether he will have the opportunity to experience his first selection with the Blues during the preparation matches. He has been exemplary for years with the young teams, he shone at the U19 World Cup last summer, he deserves a small chance with Group A, as Théo Maledon had been able to have during the preparation for the World Cup 2019.

Victor Wembanyama will spend his month of August with the Blues, which should allow him to progress and gain experience fairly quickly. It’s up to him to seize the opportunity, to shine in training, and to find a place in Vincent Collet’s final group.

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