Emoni Bates connait une descente aux enfers en NCAA

Huge cold shower for Wembanyama’s great rival in the Draft!


Emoni Bates is going downhill in the NCAA

Memphis Tigers (DR) / Fraille

A few months ago, Victor Wembanyama had a supposed rival overshadow him in the race for No. 1 status in the 2023 Draft… This rival is unfortunately experiencing a real descent into hell, and he has just received a big cold shower in the NCAA.

Just take a look at the accounts of a few Draft specialists to understand that Victor Wembanyama is expected as a messiah across the Atlantic. For all the experts, the NBA franchises should embark on major tanking missions to have a chance to recover the phenomenon with the first choice of the 2023 Draft, a status that no one seems to be able to dispute.

However, a few months ago, another young talent was presented as a potential No. 1… His name is Emoni Bates, he has been announced as the future of American basketball since a young age, but unfortunately, he will not reach probably never the expected level. He has just made a rather “sad” decision, which says a lot about the disappointment that surrounds him.

Emoni Bates, from future No. 1 to unwanted player in the NCAA…

Former Memphis Emoni Bates to join Eastern Michigan

At the age of 15, Emoni Bates was featured on the cover of the prestigious magazine Sports Illustrated, like all the greats. He was announced as the worthy successor to Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan or even LeBron James… A few years later, after a complicated season in Memphis, where he had 9.7 points and 3.3 rebounds, he was forced to sign at the small university of Eastern Michigan.

And these are indeed the limits of a system that stars young adolescents who are not fully developed. In high school, Emoni Bates was ahead of players his age, both in height and game intelligence… But today, faced with equal competition, his lack of athleticism is obvious. He can’t make the difference in the dribble, doesn’t jump high enough to finish in the circle, which makes him an average basketball player… The specialists are in shock.

Emoni Bates going to the NCAA “free agent” market and ending up in Eastern Michigan tells you everything you need to know about his situation.

Since he was 13 or 14 years old, Emoni Bates has had the pressure of an entire country on his shoulders, he who was to become the next LeBron James, the most anticipated prospect for a decade… Unfortunately, in Eastern Michigan, he could be forgotten and write off the league.

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