HubSpot boosts VeraCash marketing campaigns

HubSpot boosts VeraCash marketing campaigns



HubSpot boosts VeraCash marketing campaigns

VeraCash is an original company. Created in 2015, this Bordeaux fintech (subsidiary of AuCoffre) offers to back a payment card with precious metals, gold or silver metal.

“This approach allows gold to be re-established as a currency,” explains Nicolas Faucon, marketing manager for VeraCash. “Each euro credited is converted into one euro of gold from our stock, and each euro spent corresponds to a sale of gold by the customer. Our customers thus remain at all times physically the owners of the precious metals they hold with VeraCash. »

Subject to very strict rules specific to the financial world (fight against money laundering and provision of means of payment), VeraCash does not have the possibility of soliciting potential customers through traditional commercial prospecting campaigns. She therefore chose to rely on inbound marketing, a technique consisting in bringing the customer to herself, through the production of content: blog posts, videos, presence on social networks, marketing e-mails, contact forms…

inbound marketing

“When I arrived in 2016, the VeraCash marketing team was not yet structured,” continues Nicolas Faucon. “I was strongly influenced by the book Inbound Marketing, by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. So I was already trained at the HubSpot school, a relatively simple tool to use for an SME like ours. »

The least we can say is that Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have a lot of ideas: they are indeed the ones who developed the methodology relating to inbound marketing, then wrote a reference book allowing us to understand the principles and finally the tools to put it all into practice.

Accessible in cloud mode, the HubSpot solution is immediately usable, without integration work. VeraCash has thus connected its CRM, as well as its back office, in order to send relevant data back to it.

Encouraging results

“We have been able to grow with HubSpot, particularly through their HubSpot Academy”, says Nicolas Faucon. “Today, we have reached a phase of maturity in the use of this tool, with excellent KPIs: a number of contacts multiplied by 9 and of customers multiplied by 6; an email open rate of around 50%; an NPS score of 63 (between May 2020 and June 2021), but which we hope to gradually increase to 70, through customer service that we want to be impeccable. »

To achieve this goal, VeraCash adopted HubSpot’s customer service brick, with the ambition of handling customer tickets for the most common issues in less than 72 hours. HubSpot is also used to conduct surveys.

However, the HubSpot solution also has some flaws: “It is rather B to B oriented, whereas we address a B to C market,” notes Nicolas Faucon. “And then, it’s a relatively unique tool, which inevitably makes companies a little captive. But that doesn’t bother VeraCash too much. The company even managed to convince its parent company, AuCoffre, to swap the tools it used for HubSpot.

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