How to work on your marketing when you are a franchise?

How to work on your marketing when you are a franchise?



For a franchise network, the marketing communication strategy must respond to different challenges from those of a traditional company. It is indeed necessary to find a point of balance between digital marketing improving the brand image of the franchise on a global scale and the development of franchised points of sale on a local scale. So let’s discover together how to work on your marketing when you are a franchise.

What is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing consists of a franchisor supporting its franchisees (people with whom a franchise contract has been signed) in their development at the regional level, while working on its global image. The idea is to rely on the local expertise of franchisees to conduct a marketing campaign responding to the concerns of local customers, while having an overall strategy to create a strong brand image, the notoriety of which will benefit franchisees.

What are the goals of franchise marketing?

Successful franchise marketing must serve on the one hand to retain the brand’s usual customers, while developing its notoriety to attract new customers to points of sale. It is therefore a question of generating more traffic both in physical stores and on digital platforms (websites, social networks, etc.)

For this, creating a good customer relationship is essential, for example by working on the experience of the purchase journey. Communication must be done on two scales: the global scale to improve the notoriety of the franchise, and the local scale to attract new customers and franchisees, in order to develop its network as quickly as possible.

What levers for franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing can rely on various communication channels, depending on the objectives sought. Three main axes are generally privileged:

  • Content marketing to better position its web content in local searches on the internet, and thus generate more traffic on its websites, improve its conversion rate and increase attendance at physical points of sale
  • Social media marketing, taking advantage of social networks to broaden its core target by reaching out to Internet users where they are most present: on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Each social network has its own specificities, and may require a particular strategy to create a strong bond with its customers.
  • Email and SMS marketing, allowing you to quickly transmit your information to your customers, in particular the promotional offers of your stores. By having targeted and personalized communication with potential consumers in your catchment area, you can meet their needs and attract them to you.

If you would like more information on the means of setting up a relevant marketing strategy for a franchisor, do not hesitate to refer to a guide to franchise network marketing.

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