How to integrate 3D printing into your marketing campaign?

How to integrate 3D printing into your marketing campaign?



The health crisis has forced us to rethink our marketing strategies and obviously one of the main objectives during this year 2022, is to maintain customer loyalty. Brands must be more relevant than ever, more visible and more rewarding to create a real experience for consumers.

Merchandising is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy, since it is a set of techniques that help us support sales and generate greater profitability in business. With advancements in technology, we can integrate large format 3D printing into brand visual communication strategies, create more consumer impact and stand out from the competition.

What are the advantages of 3D printing?

If you want to bring your ideas to life for all your marketing projects, 3D printing has many advantages. For example, Pami 3D large format printing allows you to generate a positive impact on consumers while providing you with significant benefits.


This printing process allows only the necessary material to be used, thus avoiding waste.


It is possible to assess functionality from the first part produced, unlike conventional manufacturing, there is no need to wait for a large batch to be produced.


Additive printing can be adapted to any industry, e.g. fashion, healthcare, cosmetics and personal care, automotive, etc.

Integrate 3D printing into your marketing strategies

It is possible to integrate 3D printing into your marketing strategies in different ways.

OOH advertising

OOH advertising, for its acronym “Out of Home” translated into French “Outside the house”, can be used as a multi-channel strategy to attract potential customers, this concept allows a wide variety of combinations, types of editing and generates a strong impact due to the connection with a large number of spectators.

Such is the case of the Circle K convenience store chain which announced in its Denver, Colorado market that they are selling undiluted beers, this strategy became very visible and striking at a bus stop where the top of the six bottle were 3D printed and had a production time of 10 hours to print each pair.


Adding 3D elements on billboards definitely attracts more attention. The Emporio Armani brand, has used inside its panel a three-dimensional shoe which is the subject of the advertisement.

Campaign or product launches

Children National Hospital created a fundraising campaign by placing 500 “Dr.Bears” bears at various locations in the hospital and in Washington DC. Each Dr. Bears was equipped with a light and a chip; when someone made a donation, all the bears in the city would light up in order to arouse an emotion in passers-by by encouraging them to make a donation as well.

3D printing will certainly open up the possibilities of printing any shape or object. Having this creative freedom will greatly increase your chances of standing out and achieving your goal in an accelerated manner.

To conclude, 3D printing is a tool that will help strengthen your marketing and visual communication strategies, there are many applications that can be given, no matter what sector you are in. And you? Would you like to use this tool as part of your marketing strategies?

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