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Smarketing is a technique of aligning marketing and sales teams so that they can work together around measurable and cross-functional objectives, in a transparent way, with a good distribution of responsibilities, but also effective communication and collaboration. This synergy allows brands to offer a harmonized B2B customer experience while accelerating their growth.

HubSpot, the reference solution for customer relationship management, presents a complete and didactic guide entitled ” The power of marketing “. You will discover the concrete advantages of this technique, the good practices as well as the advice to follow in order to implement it within your organization.

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The benefits of smarketing for sales and marketing professionals

Integrating smarketing into your strategy offers many advantages for your business. It offers you the opportunity to increase your conversion and conclusion rates, to improve the customer experience you deploy for your brand, by relying on optimal cooperation between your marketing and sales teams.

Concretely, smarketing allows your company to:

  • Reduce the number of insufficiently qualified leads,
  • Increase the volume of validated transactions,
  • Accelerate the buying cycle,
  • Facilitate the conclusion of your transactions,
  • Improve your customer retention rates,
  • Generate more growth faster.

Effective collaboration drives cohesive customer experiences that help attract, engage, and retain potential customers in a unified way.

Best practices to follow for a successful smarketing strategy

HubSpot’s guide to smarketing reveals the ” recipe to create an effective and efficient synergy between the marketing and sales departments. It is based in particular on the values ​​of transparency, trust and collaboration. How to develop it within your company? Through a series of tips accompanied by key figures, videos and examples, the guide gives you everything you need to know to successfully implement effective and profitable smarketing tactics for your organization.

To operate this winning combination, all the conditions must be met, namely:

  • Smooth and automated transfers: to have a clear view of the lead qualification process and transfer opportunities between the two departments,
  • Consistent and personalized messages: to better identify potential customers and offer them an optimal experience at each stage,
  • Timely interactions: to better pace and synchronize actions across the marketing and sales teams by determining everyone’s responsibilities,
  • A single information center: to bring together in one place your customers’ data in a centralized database, updated and accessible to all your employees.

When marketing and sales teams work closely together, they uncover new opportunities and attract new customers by harmonizing the interactions between sales and marketing.

Take your first steps in smarketing: advice from HubSpot

Achieving the perfect alignment of your sales and marketing teams takes time. To support you in your first steps towards developing a successful smarketing strategy for your business, the HubSpot guide provides a series of practical tips. The goal: to help you meet your customers’ expectations with ease and efficiency.

Among the many tips:

  • Scheduling recurring smarketing meetings,
  • Collaboration on commercial content,
  • Centralization of all your content,
  • The sharing of turnover objectives between the different departments,
  • The ability for marketers to attend sales calls…

The concrete implementation of a smarketing strategy requires not only patience and determination, but also the use of reliable tools, designed to support the work of the teams over time.

To learn more about HubSpot’s advice and best practices, know the essential toolbox to master in order to deploy a powerful synergy between your sales and marketing teams, in order to achieve your growth objectives more quickly, you can download the free smarketing guide by clicking on the link below.

Download the smarketing guide

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