How to build a lastingly useful marketing?  Check out the Think Tank Open Reinvention white paper

How to build a lastingly useful marketing? Check out the Think Tank Open Reinvention white paper



Strongly and, at times, legitimately questioned by the general public, the question of the usefulness of marketing has proven to be more than relevant over the past year. The Union des Marques’ Open Reinvention Think Tank had chosen “Useful Marketing” as the theme for this work. We offer you today, the fruit of these reflections in its dedicated white paper.

“Marketing is more useful than ever. Two dimensions have profoundly changed the function: data and CSR. Our professions are extremely rich and our usefulness is also expressed in our ability to combine the long term and the short term. The marketing function is necessary to guarantee the consistency over time of the way brands work. » Clémence Saint-Macary – Chief marketing officer, SAVENCIA.

The Union des Marques is fully committed to building, with its members, responses to the many marketing challenges. This is the work that is carried out, in particular, within the Think Tank Open Reinvention, which brings together some forty marketing decision-makers from all sectors.

After dealing with the subject “Meaning & Experience: the pillars of a strong brand”, this forum focused during the 20/21 season on the theme of useful marketing. Subject which had been defined before the Covid crisis and which turned out to be oh so relevant when, with a daily life in suspense, each communication action was questioned. A momentum that added to the many issues and questions related to the relationship between the brand and its audiences that punctuate the daily lives of marketers.

Beyond corporate social responsibility, consumers expect a stronger commitment from companies, while for marketing decision-makers, the brand’s field of expression had to be analyzed: How to get in touch with the public? How to find new, more direct modes of expression? By which means to find the grounds of legitimacy of the marks and to make sure of the utility of the marketing actions?

So many questions that the marketing directors had to deal with during this pivotal period and which directly join the DNA and the raison d’être of the Think Tank Open Reinvention: federate marketing decision-makers around a community capable of reflecting on the evolution of marketing and the function of CMO, in order to make the latter grow.


Contents of the White Paper :

#1 the future of the consumer: how to improve the brand-consumer relationship?

  • The fundamentals of a virtuous relationship with the consumer

#2 Finding meaning: from talk to action, the question of purpose

  • Make sense of the brand to build trust
  • Responding to marketing fatigue
  • Is the communication useful?

#3 For useful marketing: reinvent the marketing function

  • The search for a sustainable marketing function
  • Growth hacking, a new lever for efficiency

#4 In summary: sustainable, useful, marketing reinvented


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