How to adapt your marketing strategies?

How to adapt your marketing strategies?



Online, consumers are wary of how companies collect and use their personal information.

To cultivate trust and build customer loyalty, brands must therefore make data privacy the centerpiece of their web marketing strategies.

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During a dedicated webinar, HubSpot, the scalable CRM platform for sales, marketing and customer service teams will be accompanied by Google to help you understand and navigate changes in data protection regulations.

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 11 a.m., find out how to adopt an effective privacy-first marketing strategy.


Understand the new regulations in force

In 2022, data remains an indispensable resource for marketers. They allow them to analyze the behavior of Internet users on the web in order to offer them a personalized experience at all points of contact. Previously, the collection of this data did not require following specific regulations. Unwittingly, this was done at the expense of users’ privacy.

This time is now over. In recent years, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been adopted. This European legislation aims to regulate the use of personal data collected by companies. At the same time, Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Safari and more recently Google have warned that their browsers will no longer support third-party cookies.

During this online event, experts will review changes in data protection regulations. They will decipher each of them so that you understand what they imply for your digital strategies.


Designing a privacy-first marketing strategy

Three specialists will be present during this webinar to explain how to design a privacy-first marketing strategy: Arthur Lozet, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, Julia Cames, Head of Marketing at HubSpot and Ekaterina Tckhakaia, Partner Development Manager at Google.

For one hour, the speakers will reveal how to adapt the way you design, measure and activate your marketing actions to data protection regulations. You will discover that privacy and marketing are not mutually exclusive. By adopting the recommended behaviors, your company will gain in transparency and give users confidence. This is a key element of the customer relationship.

During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to get advice on how to build a proper and effective digital strategy. This will allow you to increase your income and reach new customers, while respecting the confidentiality of their data.

As you will have understood, these data protection regulations are far from being a mere formality. Whether you practice for an SME or a large group, it is essential to ensure that you comply with this regulation. Understanding what these changes entail is essential for adapting future web marketing action plans. For tips and recommendations from Google and HubSpot experts, don’t forget to register for this event.


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