Les mises en chantier sur un trend baissier

Housing starts on a downward trend



Supervisory monitoring indicators confirm this

Faced with the difficult economic context, the dynamics of the construction of real estate units are showing a noticeable decline. At the end of 2021, housing starts fell by 2.41% from 240,501 housing units to 234,701 units recorded a year earlier. In detail, construction starts for the year 2021 concerned 131,523 lots and housing, including 96,107 economic and social units. The restructuring concerned approximately 103,175 units for the same period. This can be seen from the indicators available at the level of the Ministry of National Territorial Development, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy. The supervisory authority, which has been committed for more than 20 years to reducing the huge housing deficit, is currently rethinking its real estate policy.

Pending a new device to strengthen the supply of housing, it is time to take stock. The results of the actions undertaken, in a public-private partnership approach, are disparate. There is a strong enthusiasm for social housing at 250,000 dirhams while the other programs have shown mixed results. Referring to the supervisory indicators set at the end of February 2022, nearly 2.11 million social housing units have been completed since the launch of the program resulting from 1,507 agreements concluded since 2010. These housing units were initiated largely by private promoters. The volume produced in this regard is 2.04 million units resulting from 1,450 agreements.

The public sector, for its part, has produced 70,077 units under the system dedicated to social housing, i.e. 57 agreements signed since 2010 at the end of February 2022. The same milestone was crowned by the issuance of certificates of conformity to 577,723 units of social habitat. Among the programs initiated, there is housing with a low total real estate value (140,000 dirhams). From 2008 to the end of February 2022, only 82 agreements were concluded in this respect relating to 40,010 housing units, including 24,643 units carried out by the private sector (52 agreements). The public sector contributed for its part through 15,367 units, or 30 agreements. It should be noted that out of the volume produced, 28,381 dwellings at 140,000 dirhams have obtained the certificate of conformity. As regards housing dedicated to the middle class, the number of agreements targeted since the launch of this system does not exceed 32. 27 agreements among them have been signed with private promoters. Something that has made it possible to create 9,655 habitats. The State, for its part, has created 1,673 housing units dedicated to the middle class, i.e. 5 agreements concluded since 2013 at the end of February 2022. Referring to supervision, only 253 units under this program have received the certificate of conformity. As for social rental housing, only one agreement has been approved since 2010 covering 50 units in this respect.

In order to ensure decent housing, the supervisory authority has set up a system dedicated to unsanitary housing. Let us first note the “national program without slums” which made it possible to clean up 59 towns and slum centres. In this sense, the supervisory authority processed the files of 412,640 households over the period from 2004 to 2021. With regard to dwellings in danger of ruin, 32,473 households living in buildings in danger of ruin were processed at the end of 2021. has also worked to improve the living conditions of more than 1.325 million households living in under-equipped neighborhoods or in non-regulatory housing.

Fogarim-Fogaloge A total of 51.55 billion in loans granted at the end of February 2022

To facilitate access to housing, the State has set up guarantees for bank loans to finance the acquisition of housing or land and/or its construction. We can cite in this sense Fogarim, dedicated to populations with modest and/or irregular incomes, and Fogaloge, whose target is none other than the middle class and Moroccans residing abroad. Regarding the Fogarim Guarantee, it has benefited 198,037 households since its launch in 2004 at the end of February 2022. The outstanding granted throughout this period is estimated at 31.33 billion dirhams. For the month of February alone, 585 loans were granted totaling a value of 100 million dirhams against 1011 loans granted in the same period of the previous year (171 million dirhams). Similarly, 63,704 households have been able to benefit from the Fogaloge guarantee since the implementation of this offer in 2009 until the end of February 2022. The total amount of loans amounted to 18.22 billion dirhams, including 180 million dirhams allocated in February 2022 alone, i.e. 585 loans granted.

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