Brittney Griner lors de son procès en Russie

Horrible condemnation for Brittney Griner, her chilling reaction!



The Brittney Griner case is coming to an end, with a trial that has just delivered its verdict… The news is not necessarily good, and the player reacted with a sentence as chilling as it is heartbreaking. The US government will now have to act to try to “save” it.

Brittney Griner’s trial is still ongoing in Russia, and the latest information is far from reassuring. The WNBA superstar, locked up since February for possession of cannabis oil, risked up to a decade in prison according to the laws in force, and the verdict of the parquet floor approaches this maximum sentence…

Brittney Griner was found guilty. She was sentenced to 9 years in prison. The length of confinement will depend on the negotiation for an exchange of prisoners between the United States and Russia.

Brittney Griner asks for forgiveness and a second chance

From now on, the fate of the multiple Olympic champion is in the hands of Joe Biden, who should activate to make an agreement with Moscow. Before the announcement of her heavy sentence, Griner had the opportunity to speak, and she sent an absolutely chilling and moving message to the jury who decided her fate… Her words obviously did not have the expected effect.

I made a mistake, and I hope after your deliberation it won’t ruin my life.

Brittney Griner made a mistake showing up at Moscow airport with cannabis oil, she knows it, but she refuses to see that mistake ruining her career and potentially her life. If she serves her entire sentence, she will be released from prison at 40, an age at which it is impossible to resume a professional career… It’s not much, but she can always count on the support of her compatriots.

Prayers for Brittney Griner. 9 years for an electronic cigarette is unbelievable.

Brittney Griner’s situation is getting even worse, and she is now facing the four walls of her cell… It remains to be seen whether the urgency of the situation will push Joe Biden to find solutions to allow his fellow citizen to return to American soil.

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