Innovafeed, Bump, ClubFunding Group… French Tech fundraising this week

Homa, Shiro Games, Tehtris… French Tech fundraisers this week



Homa raised €100m
Sector: Video games
Platform for mobile video game developers.
Investors: Quadrille Capital, Headline, Northzone, Fabric Ventures, Bpifrance

Shiro Games raised €48m
Sector: Video games
Video game studio.
Investor: Cathay Capital

Tehtris raised €44m
Sector: Security & Cybersecurity
Automatic neutralization of cyber threats.
Investors: Jolt Capital, Tikehau Ace Capital, CNP Assurances, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Co-Investissement, business angels

Willing raised €15m
Sector: Digital Services Company
Consulting firm in business transformation.
Investors: Activa Capital, Re-Sources Capital

MeiliSearch raised €15m
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
Search engine.
Investors: Felicis Ventures, CRV, LocalGlobe, Mango Capital, Seedcamp, business angels

Oé raised €15 million
Sector: Catering & Agri-food
Organic wines without pesticides.
Investors: VitiRev Innovation

Citalid raised €8 million
Sector: Security & Cybersecurity
Cyber ​​risk simulation software platform.
Investors: Seventure Partners, Relyens, Albingia, Fiblac, Axeleo Capital, BNP Paribas Development

Poiscaille raised €8 million
Sector: Catering & Agri-food
Short circuit seafood products.
Investors: Arkea Capital, IDIA Capital Investissement, Quadia, NCI

The Oasis House raised €7 million
Sector: Real Estate, Construction
Country houses for team seminars.
Investor: Otium Capital

TakeTurns raised €3m
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
SaaS software for collaborating with external parties on documents.
Investor: Elaia

Baouw raised €2 million
Sector: Sports
Premium sports nutrition.
Investors: Seventure Partners, Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement, business angels

Picsell.ia raises €2m
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
Platform for creating, sharing and testing Deep Learning models for Computer Vision.
Investors: Axeleo Capital, Acequia Capital, business angels

Nabu raised €2m
Sector: Administrative, Legal, Accounting
Processing of documents related to the transport of goods.
Investors: Maersk Growth, Techstars, Team Ignite Ventures, Bpifrance

Tulip raised €1 million
Sector: Finance, Insurance
Insurance for professionals in the rental of materials and equipment.
Investors: Side Angel, Bpifrance, WILCO

Lola Health raised €800,000
Sector: Finance, Insurance
Company health coverage.
Investors: Bpifrance Digital Venture, Plug and Play Tech Center, business angels

Nabook raised €600,000
Sector: Cultural industry, image and media
Reading platform for 7-14 year olds.
Investors: Loyal VC, business angels

This statement relates only to venture capital and does not include grants or loans in the sums raised by start-ups.

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