« C'est un petit garçon » : Deux stars s'embrouillent sévèrement en plein match !

“He’s too soft”: Two stars get seriously confused in the middle of a match!



If the NBA has not yet resumed, summer competitions are still present on the Pro-Am circuit. Many players like to go there, including Dejounte Murray. The All-Star had fun on the court this Sunday, against Paolo Banchero, the first choice of the last draft. Nevertheless, the two have mostly hung away from the parquet floors.

Who said there is no show during the summer in basketball? Despite the absence of the NBA, we are still waiting for the Euros, which will start in September. For the most impatient, some players continue to go to the floors of Pro-Am, or Drew League, to put on a show and have a little fun. This Sunday, Dejounte Murray made the show on his side, against Paolo Banchero, first choice of the last draft.

Dejounte Murray hangs on with the number 1 in the draft!

A fairly violent move, but the All-Star is having fun, which is still somewhat the goal for NBA players in such a competition. Except that Banchero didn’t appreciate such a move at all, and decided to answer:

Lol, he stopped following me on Instagram and everything, it must be personal huh? That’s cool, just make sure you defend me next time instead of coming double on me

Banchero accuses his counterpart of having done too much on the court, but Murray only replied. Finally, this is what the leader explains a little later in response on Instagram. A good big drama, which is far from over obviously:

You tried to flex the fact that you were a first draft pick in front of me, when I always supported you when you were just a kid. You changed, you were a humble kid and I supported you and you KNOW it!!!! You have changed a lot and I have lost all respect! Stay humble. This life you lead is real and it means business! I still want to see you win because that’s who I am.

“It’s a men’s league. He’s a little boy, he’s too soft. »

Exchange of compliments between Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray, who are eager to meet again. The good news ? Now that the point guard has been traded to the East, the Hawks and Magic will meet four times next season. We will not miss this reunion.

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