La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, aurait failli « tuer » un adversaire selon un ancien rival

“He’s the only one who could really turn Stephen Curry off”



Who can stop Stephen Curry? According to a Hall of Famer, no one in the current league could do that. On the other hand, a former player would have had the qualities required to achieve this. It must be said that this is a specialist in defensive things.

In addition to having quite a collective track record, Stephen Curry is absolutely all-time on an individual level. Double MVP and top scorer in the league, he is also the greatest shooter to have ever walked on an NBA floor. His complete offensive baggage is completely insane, since if he is able to defeat anyone behind the arc, the Warriors player can also sanction at will near the circle, despite a lack of great athletic qualities.

In other words, it’s a real nightmare to be on a defensive mission on him, and those who can stop him repeatedly are extremely rare. In fact, according to Reggie Miller, only one player in history would really have the skills. Guest of Dan Patrick Showthe former record holder for the number of three points scored in his career explained that Scottie Pippen would have been able to give the Bay superstar a bad time:

Scottie Pippen, the perfect anti-Curry weapon?

Probably Scottie Pippen. I would choose Scottie. Because if you go back to those series where he won NBA titles – twice against Utah – that was his defense on John Stockton. He took the point guard out of the game. In the series against us in the conference finals, Phil Jackson said, “takes Mark Jackson out of the game”. It’s as if he was going to cut off the snake’s head. If you can eliminate it, it will disrupt the rest of their attack. I think they would put Scottie on Curry and that arm length would really confuse him.

Capable of defending virtually any type of player on the pitch, the Windy City No.33 is widely recognized as the best outside defender of all time. Intelligent in his movements and endowed with an unfailing physique, he could indeed have posed a lot of problems to the Chief. In particular, he would have been able to follow him through the screens, a great specialty of the quadruple champion who exhausts his opponents in this way.

Speaking of the Bulls legend, Dan Patrick also asked Miller if a certain Michael Jordan, Pip’s teammate, couldn’t have done the same. After all, he was a huge defender too. The question, however, caused the Hall of Famer to burst out laughing, and he cracked the following punchline:

Even though I love Michael Jordan, I planted baskets all over his head!

According to Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen is perhaps the only one who could have extinguished Stephen Curry. No way to prove this claim, but the face-to-face would certainly have been of very high quality for the spectators.

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