La promesse aux Lakers que LeBron James a trahie

“He scuttled himself with them, the Lakers don’t want to recruit him”



After a failed season, the Lakers are looking for bargains in the market, including former players if needed. A pivot could have just made his return to the City of Angels, except that his liabilities with the Angelinos play against him. A coming seems impossible, to the point that Rob Pelinka probably prefers to snub him. Explanations.

With 5 players recruited during the first weeks of free agency, the Lakers showed their ambition. This roster has a lot to be forgiven by the fans, after a year that ended without a place in the playoffs. Rob Pelinka is still looking for a way to sign good players, even if it means trying to get good deals with the remaining free agents. In this list, there is an interesting name: Montrezl Harrell.

While he has just finished a season with the Wizards, then with the Hornets with 13.1 points and 6.1 rebounds, number 8 is now without a team. It is almost surprising, but the market does not forgive. The interior was arrested by the police a few months ago for serious facts, which may explain its status. We are still far from the level of gravity of Miles Bridges, which means that some teams could give him a chance.

A former Laker banned in Los Angeles?

Are the Lakers interested, who wanted reinforcements in the racket? The answer is clearly no according to an executive, who spoke to journalist Sean Deveney. It’s not really the level of the player that is the cause, but rather his behavior. Shortly after his time with the Angelinos, he had not hesitated to tackle his former team.

I would say he scuttled himself on his possible return to Los Angeles. He was annoyed, and most of his criticism was probably aimed at Frank Vogel. But he didn’t just make friends in the organization with what he said after he left. Even before that.

Has Harrell ruined his chances of ever returning to the Lakers? Obviously, the answer is yes, and we can understand the Purple and Gold.

Even once at the Wizards, Harrell had some added a layer on the Lakers. His criticisms, on his use of play, were undoubtedly for Vogel indeed, but his attitude went wrong. The Californian franchise had given him a chance, and we imagine that few appreciated the thanks. Today, a return to this workforce seems unlikely.

Franchises rarely like players who can create mayhem. Harrell may have some talent, but his playing time is not guaranteed. We know that leaders therefore prefer to turn to calmer players, who will not make waves if the bench becomes their new home. Montrezl scuttled himself, whether with his behavior, his words, as well as his extra-sporting affairs.

Unless the situation turns around, Montrezl Harrell will not return to the Lakers. Too bad, because his contribution could have been good, but his attitude goes badly. The Angelinos prefer to look the other way, just like other teams right now. A very complicated passage for the former member of the Clippers.

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