La star NBA du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, a fait l'objet d'une nouvelle déclaration humiliante, à laquelle il a réagi comme il se doit

“He looks like a monster, you are clearly not ready”



The NBA offseason is a good time to undergo a physical transformation, and thus shock fans when they return to the courts. A Wolves star, for example, took the opportunity to seriously expand, which should delight Rudy Gobert!

For some, these few weeks of rest are above all a good way to decompress after a grueling season. For others, on the contrary, they allow you to redouble your efforts in the weight room, and to work your physique more than ever. Many are the headliners of the league to surprise Internet users by completely changing their appearance during the summer.

Lately it’s Brandon Ingram who turned out to be unrecognizable in a viral photo. The Pelicans winger is not the only one to have undergone such a transformation during the offseason, however. At the Timberwolves too, the best players intend to arrive in top form for the promising campaign that awaits them. One of them particularly took this mission to heart.

Anthony Edwards terrifying before the new season?!

In the latest episode of his podcast, Jon Krawczynski reveals that a Minnesota star has definitely been busy since the start of the offseason, namely… Anthony Edwards!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few discussions with Wolves staff who see Ant regularly, who have helped him with his workouts and who have seen him up close, who have seen the work he has done physically, in his game and everything else.

One of those people, who’s really close to Ant’, said to me, “John, wait until you see him. You are clearly not ready. “It seems that he (Edwards) has really given his all this offseason, approaching his 3rd year. He really works a lot. I think he’s starting to understand the difference between working hard at 20 and being a veteran, when you really want to be an elite player in this league.

Very ambitious for its franchise following the arrival of Rudy Gobert, Edwards is clearly giving himself the means to achieve the major objectives he has set himself. Some testimonials about him are even more extreme and enticing for Wolves fans:

Several people have told me that he looks like a monster. We’ll see what happens when he’s in the spotlight, when training camp starts and when the season starts. But anyway, I’ve heard a lot of very glowing reports about Ant’s physique.

The rare videos where he appears show him very sharp indeed!

Anthony Edwards has clearly not skimped on the work since the end of the Timberwolves season, and is visibly eager to do battle on the NBA floors in a few weeks. The competition is warned: Minny’s nugget has teeth that scratch the floor!

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