La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, s'est exprimée sans filtre sur son futur adversaire des Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic

“He is so strong, basketball is a joke for him”



Some players are so good that they give the impression of practicing a superior discipline to classic basketball, outrageously dominating the competition. This is exactly what a big name in the West manages to do, according to a former champion. The declaration of love is huge.

Finally, here is what must have been said Luka Doncic when his Mavs beat the Jazz in the first round of the playoffs last year. It was indeed the first time that he managed to go beyond this stage of the competition, and he seized the opportunity on the fly as he took his people to the conference finals. The adventure then stopped against Stephen Curry’s Warriors, but this leap forward will do Jason Kidd’s squad enormously well.

Result, Dallas is considered a credible contender for the title, not surprising when you count a player as talented as the Slovenian in his ranks. The times when we doubted his ability to shine in the NBA are far behind him now, so he has been a hit across the Atlantic since he set foot there four years ago. Alumni are absolutely blown away by the ROY 2019 performances, like Richard Jefferson who didn’t mince words on Channing Frye’s podcast:

Richard Jefferson admiring Luka Doncic

Everyone knows that LeBron James will end up as No. 1 or No. 2, depending on your opinion of the greatest basketball player. Luka is just as special. The way he plays, what he manages to do, the dominance he has had since a very very young age, basketball is a joke for him, he plays a different game. Whether he has the physical assets to play as long as LeBron is yet to be seen. But does he have this way of playing a type of game totally different from all the others? Yes.

Luka is that guy. And there were tons of guys, but there were only 7 or 8 in NBA history who arrived and for whom we said from the start: he is different. I’m glad the Mavericks are taking their time and making sure they build around him, take it step by step because we have potentially one of the best players in history.

Right now, at his age, he’s already one of the best in history at that age, so even if he doesn’t get better than he is now in the next 10 years, he’s a first nerd Hall of Famer and he doesn’t even have to progress one bit.

Can we make a more beautiful declaration of love? Unlikely. It now remains to justify these remarks on the floors, which the n°77 is totally capable of. We look forward to attending.

Luka Doncic would already be one of the best players in history, according to Richard Jefferson. If El Matador continues to progress in the years to come, who knows if there is any limit to the craziness he can unleash.

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