NBA James Harden aperçu en strip-club

“He emptied a bottle of vodka, went into a coma, and scored 34 points the next day”



The NBA players are known for their love of partying, and some don’t even hesitate on the eve of a game. A very famous basketball youtubeur has just told the story of a crazy evening spent with an NBA star, who put himself in the worst state, before hitting the floor a few hours later. Respect.

To be a top athlete you often have to make sacrifices, especially when it comes to food. The biggest stars generally hire a chef at home, who makes sure to make balanced, varied meals, and above all very good for the athletes. LeBron James spends more than a million dollars each year to take care of their body, and the nutrition aspect obviously enters into this.

But the world is not always fair, and some talents manage to shine at the highest level despite a dubious lifestyle and a diet that is normally unhealthy. On social networks, the youtuber Dev “In The Lab”, 630,000 subscribers, recounted the crazy evening he was able to spend with a star on the eve of a match. Method of preparation strongly discouraged…

The debauched evening of a star before a hit!

I was invited to a party in the South by the agent of a player whose name I will not say. I got picked up in a limo, and I found out we were going to a strip club, which I hate. The player in question had banners with his name on the ceiling of the establishment. He arrived, told everyone they could order whatever they wanted, he paid for everything. People ran to the bar like children.

A rapper walked in, the two started drinking rum from a bottle on stage, there were flames behind them, and at one point they threw at least $80,000 in cash into the crowd. As the evening progresses, the player orders a large bottle of vodka for himself, his manager, and some of their “friends”. They finished it in 10 minutes, they all ended up comatering, including the player. The next day I send a message to the manager to find out how they are doing, he tells me that his player has just finished training, that he is going to a meeting and that he is joining the team afterwards.

I didn’t know it, but he had a game at 2 p.m. that Sunday. The game starts, the guy puts up 15 points in the first quarter and 34 in all. Commentators talk about his change in diet, his personal training, how he wants to change on and off the pitch. The day before, I saw this guy chain the pizzas and almost pass out. I understood at that moment that NBA players were different.

A huge star who evolved in the South of the United States, who loves strip clubs to the point of having his jersey hanging from the ceiling and who is capable of putting cards in the NBA, even after a very drunken evening… He doesn’t there are only two names that come to mind, the first being obviously James Harden, former Rockets. But the bearded man has been cleared by the Internet user, so there is only one track left: Lou Williams, who has just left Atlanta. When we know that he left the bubble for an evening in a strip club, it would not be surprising…

If the name will probably never come out officially, this story strongly resembles Lou Williams… While some have to follow a diete strict, sleeping so many hours on the eve of a game to be fit, others have no concerns.

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