GTA 6 in real life what does it look like?  Discover the trend that is making a splash on the networks!

GTA 6 in real life what does it look like? Discover the trend that is making a splash on the networks!



If you follow video game news, you know that Rockstar Games has indeed just spent a few days quite intense in terms of emotions. The starry firm was the victim of a huge leak of its next opus Grand Theft Auto 6 with no less than 90 videos that ended up on the web. Fortunately for the studio, the alleged hacker is currently behind bars, although he pleads not guilty for the moment.

So, following all this misadventure, now it’s time to relax a bit, and for that, what better than to see what GTA 6 IRL would give (In Real Life)? Well, that’s what a famous trio imagined, and certainly a fan of the license, the latter having shared the result on social networks. The verdict is in: it’s simply amazing!

This is what GTA 6 would look like in real life!

We know it only too well, but GTA 6 is eagerly awaited by the entire Rockstar Games community, and we understand it. After the incredible success that GTA 5 has met (and which continues elsewhere), players and players all hope that GTA 6 is up to the mark, and even better, than the juggernaut that dates back to 2013.

On the blue bird social network, well-known influencers, especially on TikTok, named Guetto Triohad fun to make a video of what would be GTA 6 IRLwith catchy text (which is obviously humorous) declaring “GTA 6 LEAKED”.

Here, absolutely ALL the GTA codes are there (apart from the HUD), whether it’s the camera with the third-person view, the character’s gait (when he runs or when he walks), but also the small jumps that he makes and that we players can’t help but do hoping that it will make us go faster (yes yes you know very well what we’re talking about!), everything is there.

In addition, we also have the right to two NPCs (who are obviously the other two of the trio) and who do not hesitate to act just too strangely like in the game. Moreover, in a second video, we have the right to a rather comical scene with our protagonist, and an “NPC” who takes fright and runs away, like in the games.

An air of deja vu

Earlier last week, we were dealing with the same style of videos, but for a totally different and very specific purpose: to promote a new clothing collection. We are obviously talking about American superstar Kanye West.

The man did not hesitate to stage himself through a video in which all the codes of the GTA games are there: search stars, menu, life bar, but also the way he moves in the environment. . The result is also pleasant to see.

If it was possible to perform a pacifist run in GTA V? This is the challenge that DarkViperAU set itself three years ago. The Youtuber therefore tried to finish the game by killing as few NPCs as possible and the result is surprising!

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