GP Explorer: Squeezie breaks a record!  - Social Networks > Influencers

GP Explorer: Squeezie breaks a record! – Social Networks > Influencers



The organization of this event was born during the fourth edition of Z Event 2020, a charity project broadcast on the Twich platform, with the aim of raising funds for various associations. Streamers compete in games, challenge each other, and mobilize their community to get as much money as possible. During the first edition in 2016, the sum of 170,000 euros was donated to the Save the Children association, an INGO which defends the rights of children throughout the world. Two years later in 2020, in addition to the 5,724,337 euros collected for the benefit of Amnesty International, the influencer Squeezie, followed by tens of millions of people on his networks, challenges himself. Create “an IRL Formula Renault tournament” if the kitty, set up that day, reaches a certain amount. At the same time, the 2022 edition of the Z Event broke all records, since the sum of 10 million euros collected was exceeded. An initiative welcomed by the President of the Republic in person, accused by some politicians of making political recovery.

The million people reached

Thing promised, thing due. Two years later, Squeezie revealed the details of the project during a live on Twich on April 5, 2022. The first edition of the GP Explorer is held on October 8, 2022, on the famous Bugatti circuit of Le Mans. Bringing together 22 streamers and web videographers such as Seb la Frit, Gotaga, Prime, divided into eleven teams. None of the participants is a professional car driver, therefore, some train several months before the competition, some having the obligation to pass the driving license like Seb la Frit.

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Bringing together 40,000 people in the stands of the circuitthe party organized in collaboration with the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, and the Fédération Française du Sport Automobile and AMP Visual TV, only by streamers, and not by producers, is a great success. With 1 million people watching simultaneously the race on Twich is a French record! The next day, the replay of the race even reached the bar of 12.4 million views. Although Squeezie is not in the top 50 of global streamers, he just achieved the 5e highest score in Twich history with one million viewers.

The big winner of the competition is named Sylvain Levy for the Vilebrequin stable ahead of Depielo for Oscaro and Etienne Mustache for Word of Tanks. The trophies were presented by Matthieu Vaxivière, former French pilot, for the third position, Big Flo and Oli, the Toulouse rappers awarded the prize for the second place. Finally, comedian Jamel Debbouze presented the prize to the winner. Squeezie ranks 5e, 26 seconds from first place. What make him want, to take his revenge in particular, to organize a second edition next year.

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