Google Trends: Interest in bitcoin (BTC) wanes, as NFTs soar

Google Trends: Interest in bitcoin (BTC) wanes, as NFTs soar



While bitcoin, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ether, and other cryptocurrencies have seen an incredible surge in 2021, none of these trends made it into the review. Year in Search that Google published. Currently, interest in the first cryptocurrency in Google searches has dropped significantly since the week of May 16 to 22 of last year. Search frequency for the term “bitcoin” has dropped by 72% from a peak score of 100 last May to the current score of 28.

A non-fungible NFT token

The number of search queries for “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum” and “Cryptocurrency” continues to drop across the world

Interest in bitcoin, ether, non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies in general has declined according to Google search trends. Essentially, the Google Trends webpage analyzes the popularity of top search queries both globally and regionally, noting specific terms and phrases based on the number of searches.

Last year, cryptoassets such as bitcoin and ether reached their all-time highs and interest increased a lot during those specific times. Typically, when the price reaches new highs, Google Trends shows that the number of queries worldwide increases. The opposite happens when prices fall.

Metrics show that the query “bitcoin” peaked at 100 points during the week of May 16-22, 2021. Search frequency for the word “bitcoin” was also high in January and February 2021, remaining above above 75 points.

Today, the score is 72% lower than the statistics recorded in May, with the term “bitcoin” currently having a score of 28 points. The search query “Ethereum” has just 8 points today, 68% lower than its highest score of 2021, which stood at 25. The term “cryptocurrency” sees a score of 3 on 7 January 2022, also recording the drop in popularity from data recorded in May where the query peaked by 12 points.

NFTs hit the top today

The abbreviation “NFT” indicating a non-fungible token just peaked at 100 points this week, according to statistics from Google Trends. In the first week of the past year, the search query “NFT” only had a score of 1. The search trend for “NFT” grew slowly in the first six months, but at the end of 2021 and the beginning of the current year, it exploded, having reached its current all-time high.

As the valuation of the global cryptocurrency market has plummeted in recent days, searches using the phrase “ how to sell bitcoin are quite rare with a score of 12, recorded this Friday. This is 88% lower than the peak of this Google Trend expression during the week of February 14 to 20 of last year.

That week, the query for the phrase ” how to sell bitcoin » reached 100 points, while « how to sell ether » got 12. Today, the interest in the expression « how to sell ether increased to a score of 15.

It is indisputably true that the domain Booming NFT is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of popularity and recognition. Despite the fact that bitcoin and ether are now less popular on Google Trends, we are sure that the crypto market has a bright future ahead of it. Waiting for the bull run of the first two cryptoassets, we suggest that you stay on Cointribune in order to be up to date!


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