Goodvertising: what are we talking about?

Goodvertising: what are we talking about?



At a time when ethical awareness and ecological responsibilities are real issues, various sectors are seeking to reinvent themselves. This is particularly the case with advertising. Focus on the concept of “goodvertising” (responsible advertising in French).

What is “goodvertising”?

Better known in France as “responsible marketing” or “sustainable communication”, “goodvertising” is a concept invented by Thomas Kolster in 2012 as part of the release of his eponymous book. It is a transition, a paradigm shift towards impact marketing. With goodvertising, a brand’s advertising strategy is based on ethics, efficiency and ecology. The goal is not only to generate more sales, but to promote a socially and/or environmentally useful offer. We also sometimes speak of “communication for good”.

The possibilities are many. A goodvertising strategy can, for example, concern sustainable development, health prevention, the fight against discrimination or even road safety. The objective is to put advertising at the service of a virtuous business projectin the general interest.

The advantages of goodvertising

Goodvertising offers the possibility ofincrease profits, while improving the image of a company. By acting in this way, brands are responding to new challenges and proving to their customers that they have values ​​and an environmental conscience. Many of them will then prefer to turn to products with a responsible approach. The volume of sales will increase and the company will gain notoriety.

However, it is necessary to ensure that the brand is credible by ensuring that the products meet an ecological quality. Communication must also be ethical. In other words, it must demonstrate morality and encourage people to do better. Finally, it is strongly discouraged to use approaches such as “greenwashing”. This strategy consists in using the ecological argument even though the interest of the product or services for the environment is minimal, or even non-existent.

Goodvertising: a marketing strategy for the future

The successive crises of recent years have highlighted the need to refocus on the essentials. The consumerist model of advertising is called upon to renew itself to integrate the notion of goodvertising and bring meaning to what brands offer. This could even become a real marketing trend in the future. Indeed, while the frantic race for consumption is showing its limits today, goodvertising is part of a changing societyby establishing new behaviors, both in consumers and in organizations.

However, if a large majority of French adhere to the principle of “communication for good”, some still remain to be convinced. According to the “Goodvertising Observatory” study, carried out in 2021 by Vivavoice for The Good Company and Goodeed, 83% of consumers consider “communication for good” positively in France. However, 49% of them believe that it does not correspond to reality and that it helps brands to perfect their image.

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