Golden opportunity to come to the Lakers... thanks to Victor Wembanyama?

Golden opportunity to come to the Lakers… thanks to Victor Wembanyama?



The name of Victor Wembanyama is on everyone’s lips in the country of Uncle Sam, including among the Lakers. Even if the franchise has no chance of having him, they could benefit from the buzz generated by the Frenchman. This is good news for Rob Pelinka in the coming months of competition.

In this new week of basketball, difficult to have escaped the phenomenon Victor Wembanyama. Two small matches in Las Vegas were enough for the Frenchman to generate incredible buzz on social networks, probably securing him a number 1 spot in the 2023 draft. Barring injury or other disaster, the suspense no longer exists in this case. The only question worth asking now is where will the Frenchman play in 2023?

For scouts, Wemby’s potential is so great that no one has ever seen it in NBA history. Some even see him as the best prospect since LeBron James. A very flattering comparison for Victor, especially as the King showered him with praise when speaking about him. It must be said that his mere arrival in the NBA could also benefit the Lakers.

Lakers ready to hit the market?

With the regular season approaching, the Angelinos will not change their workforce, except for a huge surprise. A player who has to rub his hands? Certainly Russell Westbrook. The leader will start the campaign in Los Angeles, remains to be seen if he can finish it. According to journalist Dan Woike, who works for the LA Times, the very arrival of Victor Wembanyama will influence the future of Purple and Gold. And therefore indirectly that of Brodie.

“It will give the Lakers more opportunities – or more advantages – in the trade market…”

“Dan Woike of the LA Times in his recent newsletter on how Victor Wembanyama will soften the trade market according to NBA executives, with franchises more inclined to tank. »

The arrival of Wembanyama will change the NBA landscape, literally. Adrian Wojnarowski made a similar observation, explaining that franchises would typically fight for the Frenchman. We can expect trades to weaken the roster in the coming months, as well as many available players. This is where the Lakers can take advantage.

The arrival of Victor Wembanyama alone will benefit the Lakers, while the franchise has no chance of recruiting him. The organizations will take out the tank to try to recover the player from the Mets, while the title contenders will take the opportunity to strengthen themselves in view of the ring. Thanks WHO ? Thanks Wemby.

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