Gilles Perret, qui a tourné deux films avec François Ruffin, présente son nouveau film, dimanche 16 octobre, à Orléans

Gilles Perret, who shot two films with François Ruffin, presents his new film, this Sunday in Orléans



Known as well for the documentaries he signs in his name – The happy days, The socialWhere Again The rebel on Jean-Luc Melenchon… – only for those made with François Ruffin (I want sun and Stand up women!), Gilles Perret is trying his hand at fiction for the first time. But a fiction not so far from reality since Reprise en main, which he presents, Sunday, at the Carmes, does not take place “in beautiful Parisian apartments that we often see in films…”. Nope, the story takes place in the region of origin of the director, Haute-Savoie.

The Yellow Vests on the big screen, Wednesday March 13, at the Carmes in Orléans

To prevent his company from being sold again to an investment fund, Cédric (Pierre Deladonchamps) will try to buy the factory with his childhood friends (Grégory Montel, Vincent Deniard, etc.).
It is, in fact, in the Arve valley, which “goes up” to Chamonix, that the story of Cédric (Pierre Deladonchamps) was born who, to prevent his company from being sold again to a investment, try the impossible: buy the factory with his childhood friends (Grégory Montel, Vincent Deniard…) pretending to be financiers!

“I really wanted to anchor this fiction in reality because this story is a bit mine…”

Gilles Perret (director)

The subject is therefore just as committed as in his documentaries, but Gilles Perret allows himself here the tone of comedy to talk about a subject he knows well. “It’s where I grew up, it’s where I live, where I climb the cliffs that Cédric, the main character, climbs in the film. It’s also the company where my parents worked, where I installed machines myself when I was an engineer. The owner of the box was in class with me, Cédric’s children are those of my neighbors… We have really created a great band and I think this beautiful energy can be felt on the screen”, remarks Gilles Perret.

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As accurate and accurate as possible

However, the film is well documented and has even been validated by Geneva financiers. “We worked on it for six years, but we wanted it to be as precise and fair as possible. Even if the spectators don’t understand all the vocabulary specific to finance, it’s not a big deal. The goal is not to be boring, it’s to bring knowledge and explain mechanisms finally not so complicated as that through comedy”, continues the author who signs the scenario with his companion, Marion Richoux.

The company that serves as the setting for the film (starring Pierre Deladonchamps and Laëtitia Dosch) supplies parts to all of the world’s car manufacturers. Photo Elzevir films
His first documentary, released in cinemas in 2006, My Globalization, was already happening in the Arve valley, recounting the relocation of small and medium-sized businesses. “So I started again from those workers who work in precision mechanics but here, they regroup and steal the tools of finance to turn against finance itself. That’s what fiction allowed me, unlike documentaries, because industry and finance are very secretive. The first because the companies in the valley are all in competition, the second because he has no interest in saying what he does… The fiction therefore left complete freedom and opened up the fields of possibilities”.

In Loiret as elsewhere, spectators turn their backs on cinemas

Katia Beaupetit


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